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100 Light Years From Home

Last week: Dawson and Pander screened Charlie Todd Has A Giant Package; Pacey told Audrey that she "moved [him]"; Jen hates Charlie but Joey likes him; and Jack began television's more boring descent into destructive alcoholism and despair.

We open with Joey perched on Dawson's bed, watching a spring break-themed movie while Dawson throws things in a duffel bag. "So, let me get this straight," she begins, eyeing the television screen. Dawson grins. "Why do I feel a quasi-feminist rant coming on?" he asks. Shout out? Joey tells Dawson to "shut up." Shout out! Then she spews some nonsense about how, in these movies, spring break is "hunting season" and "girls are the target." Dawson takes a tee-shirt out of his chest of drawers and comments that it's not like the girls "don't have a choice." Joey snips that they certainly have the option to "stay home and study," which is what she thinks she's going to do. Dawson rolls his eyes. "Just go already!" he mock-yells as her, telling her to have some fun for once, because she "deserves" it. Joey rolls her eyes and spins around on the bed to face him and pleads with him to "skip the big Hollywood meeting" and come along with them to Florida. Dawson snorts that it's so not a "big Hollywood meeting," just a sit-down with an agent in New York who's interested in his movie. Joey shakes her head and chuckles that this meeting is, in fact, "huge," and she's so totally proud. Dawson cocks a brow. "You rule, you rock, you are a golden god, now accept it!" she crows. Oh, ew. I'm actually watching Almost Famous right now, and...yeah, let's just say that it's a whole lot better than Dawson's Creek. Dawson just shakes his head and smiles and adds more cotton undergarments to his bag.

Joey watches him and slowly smiles and says that the Flash would have been really excited about this whole Meeting With a Big Hollywood Agent Thing. Dawson nods and makes bittersweet faces as the Piano of the Dead Gay Dad tinkles cheerily in the background. Joey smiles at him. "It's weird," she says, "you've had this year, this completely awful year and yet, somehow, everything worked out for the best." I'd like to live in Joey's world, where losing a parent equates "working out for the best." I'm quite sure Dawson would sacrifice having a (probably fly-by-night) agent buy him lunch in a split second if it would bring his father back. "That's one way of looking at it," he mutters, making a series of uncomfortable faces. After working through Chapter One of Smell the Fart!: Emoting for Dummies, he apologizes to Joey for treating her like crap after the Flash bought the farm. Joey shakes her head and swears that she never "held it against [him], not once." Dawson sinks down next to her on the bed. Joey continues, telling Dawson that she thinks "it's better," anyway. "Do you really believe that?" Dawson asks. In other words, "How could you possibly think your life is better without the possibility, however slight, of sex with me lurking under the surface like a bloodthirsty shark?" Joey shrugs. "I spend half the time wondering what might have been, and the other half thinking, just as well." Dawson nods thoughtfully and wonders if the two of them will "ever get it right." Joey half-grins. "Not in this lifetime," she says. I hope to God she's right. "How about the one after that?" Dawson cracks. "Or the one after that, where we're both cats?" Joey asks. Dawson gives her a funny look, and they both burst into giggles. They hug and Joey wishes him good luck. He tells her to have fun, and bring him back a tee-shirt that says, "My Soulmate Went to Florida and All I Got Was This Lousy Tee-Shirt." Hey, what's that? Oh, it's my dinner.

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