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A Family Way

Pacey and Joey mack. Pacey thinks they should "slow this down a notch." "Okay," Joey says agreeably. Pacey is confused; Joey says she respects that, if it's what Pacey wants. Pacey makes "ohhhhh-kay" noises. Joey snarkily accuses him of thinking that, if he turned the tables on her by "stopping things," she'd "get paranoid" and want to go further, and maybe she'd go to the clinic and "stock up on goodies and come back here and then we'd have sex." I don't think he intended that at all, but whatever -- Pacey asks gravely if she did in fact go to the clinic and stock up on goodies. "I can neither confirm nor deny such reports," she sulks. Pacey tells her that she shouldn't have taken it seriously: "All I wanted to do was to jump-start the conversation." Joey says quietly that she's glad she went, so it's fine, but Pacey says that it's really not; he doesn't want to make her do anything she's not ready for.

All righty, sidebar time again. If Joey couldn't tell Pacey beforehand about the visit to the clinic, and if she felt that he had some kind of passive-aggressive agenda but didn't call him on it -- in other words, if they can't speak frankly to one another about what's going on here -- then no, she's not ready to have sex. I lost my virginity to a scuzzy guy, but I did it at the right time...just with the wrong person. In other words, at least Scuzzbucket and I could talk about what we planned to do and where we saw things heading, and the need to discuss these things in plain English with your partners and potential partners doesn't change after the first time. I know y'all know that, and I know we've all had enough PSAs after watching this episode to last us all till doomsday, so I'll stop, but for the record, if you feel yourself "pulling a Joey," there's a problem.

Anyway. Joey tells Pacey that she knows he wouldn't pressure her, but if he tries to manipulate her again, "I am out the door." Pacey apologizes. Joey awkwardly comments that "there are certain things that [they] can do" in lieu of sex. Ohhhhh brother. Like what, Pacey wants to know. Joey leans in and whispers in his ear, "I could kiss you." "Mmm," Pacey whispers back, "or perhaps I could just come over there and..." He climbs on top of her and starts tickling her. Apparently, that's the end of that. Tickling. Whatever.

On the soccer field at night, Andie and Jack clean up. Jack bitches about the kids not showing up and berates for himself for "blurt[ing] it out like that." Andie reminds him that it's not exactly a secret, which brings up a good point -- wouldn't the homophobic parents have heard of Jack already after the news broadcast about him last season? Oh, right. It's Dawson's Creek -- it's not supposed to make any sense. Jack says he knows it's not a secret, but it's naïve to think that people won't care and won't act bigoted and ignorant, and it's just going to get worse: "Maybe I should just quit." Andie argues that that's ridiculous; Jack did the right thing, and he could have lied, but "who wants to live like that?" Andie goes on to say that he's great with the kids, so he should just stop worrying about the parents "and their stupid hang-ups, okay, because it will blow over." Jack doesn't seem to hear her: "But I'm a good person, Andie...when people look at me, they see something awful. Do you know how that feels?" "Give it time," she says firmly. "It will blow over, I swear." "Nah, it never does." "It will." He shakes his head and looks off into the middle distance before asking Andie if she'd minds letting him finish up "alone." Andie kisses him on the cheek and leaves him to it. I will spare you all the rant on homophobic idiots who think that all gay people abuse children until this story arc has progressed a little further.

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