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A Family Way

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A Family Way

Mount Crusty Lodge. Mr. Brooks heckles Dawson some more. Dawson says politely that he actually thinks he's doing a pretty good job. "We all have our illusions," Mr. Brooks grunts. Marry me, Mr. Brooks! He spots more of Dawson's photos and picks them up, evaluating them as "trite...a naked attempt to evoke sentiment...why not just shoot a photo of a puppy in a garbage can?" Dawson rolls his eyes huffily. Mr. Brooks then pauses on one photo in particular and issues a curious "hmmm." "'Hmmm'?" Dawson repeats (with Van Der Beek pulling a "Mr. Brooks" face that's actually kind of funny). "That's the best scathing criticism you can muster?" Mr. Brooks snorts that "sometimes honesty is scathing, Dawson, I can't help that," but says that the picture he's looking at "is actually not bad." Dawson raises his eyebrows as Mr. Brooks eyes the photo some more -- we know it's of Gretchen, although we haven't seen it yet -- and says that it's the first one he's seen that actually makes a connection with the subject, "as if you're not only shooting her melancholy but your own." Dawson stands up to look at the picture Mr. Brooks means. It's the first picture Mr. Brooks has seen "with a bit of you in it," and it "has potential." Dawson smiles, ready to receive the praise he's so accustomed to, but Mr. Brooks tells him to get back to painting and goes back inside. Dawson picks up the picture, and sure enough, it's an out-of-focus shot of Gretchen with a lock of hair falling across her face.

A very very sensitive testicle indeed ushers us into the montage. Joey dries dishes, and Bessie takes the plate from her; the sisters wash and dry in companionable silence...Dawson inspects a print of Gretchen and smiles...Jack crosses the soccer field, brow furrowed, and bites his lip...Gale looks at family pictures, including a baby Dawson with a normal-sized head, and The Flash comes to sit beside her, and they hold hands on top of the picture of Baby Dawson, which I suppose means that she has allowed her son to change her mind. I would go off on an all-caps tirade about this, but frankly, I don't have the strength. I will say this, though. I hate the writers, I hate Dawson, and I hate that the writers let Dawson emotionally strong-arm his mother into keeping a child that it doesn't make sense for her to have. If she'd changed her mind and chosen to keep it on her own, that's one thing, but she didn't. She allowed Dawson to guilt her into it, and even worse, the writers want us to think that that's "sweet." It isn't sweet. It's nauseating, just like the rest of this Godforsaken bag of crap they call a show.

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