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A Family Way

Moving right along. On the field after practice, Jack tells Andie that he thinks he's bringing Molly out of her shell. Andie, wearing a shirt that says "Boobie Trap" on it in pink script (guh?), thinks that's great. Jack mentions that Caroline propositioned him; Andie doesn't believe it at first, but Jack says no, "she was one step away from reaching her hand down my pants and checking out the merchandise." Andie makes a really funny gross-out face and groans that she didn't need to hear that. Yeah, neither did I. Wouldn't mind doing it, though. Oh, sorry -- did I say that out loud? So, Jack says Andie has to help him get rid of Caroline, but Andie just makes another face and says, "Just tell her you're gay." Jack points out that "the word 'gay' is kind of controversial when you're working with kids." Andie snorts that "that's crap," and Jack says he knows that, but "it's reality," and he just wants to put "soccer coach" on his college apps, not "gay civil rights crusader." Actually, I think an admissions officer would find "gay civil rights crusader" at least as compelling as "soccer coach," but I can see Jack's point. Andie grudgingly agrees to help him. Sibling banter about Jack sucking as a goalie.

Dawson's darkroom. Pan across prints of Gretchen to Dawson at some machine or other; he hears his parents come home. Upstairs, he says he wants to talk to them about how he reacted to the news of Gale's pregnancy. Gale and The Flash silently brace themselves for another gust of unwarranted attitude as Dawson says that he felt shocked and "a little disappointed" at first, but now he's realized that "this is amazing" and he's going to have a little brother or sister and it's so great, and as the needle on the insincerity meter hits the red zone and keeps climbing, The Flash interrupts: "Dawson. We're not gonna have the baby." Dawson furrows his gargantuan brow: "W-what?" Gale stares at him, her eyes filling, as The Flash murmurs, "I know. This...isn't exactly the way we wanted to tell you." Dawson flops down at the kitchen table and snarks, "Wait a second. Just...just like that? You make a decision like this in a day?" "Yes," hisses Gale. "We make the decisions, you abide by them. Now get packed, we finally got you accepted at military school," and she cracks him backhand across the face so hard that the diamond in her engagement ring is loosened from its setting and lodges in -- okay, she doesn't. But boy, do I wish she would.

Instead, she sighs and sits down heavily, saying that "it wasn't 'just like that.'" As if she owes him an explanation. Let him stew in it, Gale! But no. She goes on that she'd suspected for a while that she was pregnant, but she didn't want to deal with it, because she already knew what she'd decide. Not meeting her eye, Dawson says in a teary voice that he "can't believe this." "Well, honey, you should be happy," Gale remarks sarcastically. "Your lackluster attempt at excitement just now wasn't exactly Oscar-worthy." Woo hoo! Tell it, Gale! Dawson snaps defensively that he meant everything he said, and he wanted to "be supportive." Gale doesn't answer, just clings to The Flash's hand. "Dad, you actually agreed to this?" Dawson poutily asks The Flash. Oh. My. God. Dawson, FUCKING SHUT UP! The Flash says that he did, but Gale interrupts to say that The Flash "is lying to protect her," that it's her idea, and "yes, I know, I'm a terrible mother, aren't I?" "That's not what I said," Dawson grunts, nostrils flared out like a couple of water wings. "Let's not pretend it's not what you think, honey," Gale says sadly, adding that she knows he thinks she's "messed up" a lot as his mother and that he blames her for tearing the family apart. Dawson breaks in to say that she shouldn't "use" him as an excuse for making this decision, "that's not fair," even though she's pretty clearly not doing that; it sounds to me like she's subtly ripping on him for thinking that she's a bad mother, not thinking it herself, but maybe that's just wishful thinking on my part. Gale interrupts back to say that she isn't using him as an excuse: "No, I sat down and I considered all the facts. And the fact is -- I can't do it again." The Flash strokes his chin and Dawson stares angrily at her as she goes on that she "can't handle the mistakes," and when she adds that to the financial stuff and her age, there's only one answer: "I can't have the baby." Dawson gapes. Gale winds it up by saying that maybe Dawson will hate her, or "never be able to understand," but in the end, "this is my decision, and I have made it. And now this discussion...is over." Crying, she flees the room. The Flash watches her go, then gives Dawson a flat "I hope you're happy" look and goes after her. Dawson sighs and slumps in his chair.

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