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Sex and Death

For days, I've dreaded writing the recap for this episode, because the writers somehow managed to make it boring and fairly offensive at the same time, and while I could just write the entire recap as one long infuriated sidebar, it's, like, not even worth it. All right, then. Let's get it over with, shall we?

Previously on the Creek: Mr. Brooks had Dawson sign a legal document, which Mr. Brooks said would allow Dawson to get Mr. Brooks's medicines for him; Pacey reassured Anna about Drue; Pacey told Joey that, while he hasn't minded waiting, he wants their relationship to progress to "the next level," and if it doesn't, it's not because of him, and Joey made melted-wax face; Dawson found Mr. Brooks passed out on the floor.

Fade up on Gretchen "AARP" Witter telling Pacey "The Rhythm Of The Saints" Witter and Joey "Give It Away, Give It Away, Give It Away Now" Potter, who look bored and constipated respectively, that the Capeside High ski trip is a "rite of passage," and she relates some of the wild goings-on from her senior ski trip. Then she hugs them both goodbye. They didn't get drafted, Gretch; mellow, please. As they head towards the bus, Gretchen calls Joey back and suggests that she give Dawson a call over the weekend: "With everything that's going on, I'm sure he'd appreciate it." Joey purses her lips, then thanks Gretchen and walks off. Gretchen looks pensive.

Elsewhere in the CHS parking lot, Jen "Contract Killer" Lindley tells Jack "Flip-Flop Hooray" McPhee that she probably shouldn't even go on the ski trip; Grams is at the hospital with Mr. Brooks, and she feels bad. Jack says that Dawson can handle that stuff, and that Jen should "have some fun this weekend." I love how Jack is always on about "cutting loose" and "having fun," but when it comes down to going out on a date with a guy, he's all, "Oh, no fun for me, no sirree Bob," like, whatever, Jack. "Fun" = "kissing boys." Look it up. Anyway, Jen deems the prospects of her having fun "not likely," saying that anything you look forward to for too long inevitably winds up a disappointment, and over and above the meta-indictment of this episode she's just delivered, I have to agree with her. Pacey cracks, "The eternal optimist speaks." Jen says she'll try to make an effort. Joey slings her duffel bag into the luggage compartment of the bus, and Pacey expounds on how getting out of town "is exactly what [they] need," and Joey gets all "what does that mean," and Pacey stammers. Oh, you don't get it? Well, see, there's still the elephant in the room with them because of The Sex Issue, so it's all awkward between them and stuff. Do you get it now? Oh, right. You didn't just wake up from a coma. My mistake. Anyway, some asswipe opens a window on the bus and yells, "Everyone who plans on getting laid this weekend, get on board!" The crowd of seniors cheers. A quick cut to Jack and Jen looking tolerantly amused; cut back to Joey heaving a martyred sigh and Pacey looking like he's just eaten a wasp. The four of them head for the bus.

Cat stuffed into a tube sock.

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