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Sex and Death

Mr. Brooks's room. The TV/Movie Cliché Of Flatlining Machines. Dr. Bronin turns off the vent after listening to Mr. Brooks's chest, and we pan across Dawson, nostrils flared in grief (or "grievously flared," your choice); Grams, her chin trembling; Gale, a tear leaking down her face; The Flash…not…having a neck; Gretchen, wearing yet another space-dyed sweater and looking worried. The rest file out of the room, leaving only Dawson behind. Why Grams didn't get to stay the longest, I don't know, but I don't know why there isn't a show called Grams's Garret, either, so whatever. Sad piano. Dawson puts his hands on the bed's railing: "See you, Mr. Brooks." Yeah…IN HELL. I'll miss Harve Presnell, though. He really did wonders for this show.

Mr. Kasdan, out for a nighttime stroll, sees Jen dumping the little liquor bottles into the trash: "What the hell?" Jen's all blasé: "Recycling. Night!" Snerk. Kasdan watches her weave back inside. That's not going to be good for anybody (tm Seinfeld).

Anna, in a complete turnaround from her character last week, lays it on thick, basically propositioning Pacey for a night of strings-free sex, and when she leans in for a kiss, he stops her and says she obviously doesn't "get it, at all." Anna agrees, saying that "it's just sex, it's not that big of a deal, we're all adults," like, no kidding, and the world of TV needs to accept the fact that it's okay for teenagers to have sex, as long as they do it safely, without having a soulmate-love bond first. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: a loving relationship is preferable when having sex, but that's not the way the world always works, and it's high time teen-oriented shows knocked it off with the Madonna-whore crap and took a look around. Anyway, Pacey delivers a nice monologue about having someone he wants "to be with for more than just one night," and losing or hurting her isn't a consideration, and it's not about the sex -- it's about sharing the most intimate thing you can possibly share, "no matter how long you have to wait." Anna looks sulky, then sad. Pacey apologizes if he gave her the wrong idea and gets up to find Joey standing there, listening. Oh yeah, that's healthy. He asks how long she's been there. "Long enough to remember why it is that I love you," she whispers schmoopily. Yeah -- because no matter how high up or how on fire the hoop, his pussy-whipped ass will jump right through it. "Why every part of me loves you," she adds. Except the moist parts. Heh. Bamp chicka bamp bamp. Okay, ew, sorry. Joey kisses him on the forehead and takes his hand, and they head off, and she tells him it's okay for him to still be upset and angry with her. Gee, thanks for the dispensation, Pope Oh So Innocent The Ninth. Pacey denies it, but she knows he's angry, and it's okay, he doesn't "have to be perfect all the time," she doesn't have to be so afraid, all right, fight fought, make-up made up, will you two please bloody well have sex already? Kissing. A testicle moans in the background. Pacey suggests that they lock themselves in their room and cuddle up and he'll read her a story. What story, The Story Of O? GET ON WITH IT. Joey says that they didn't bring their book. Pacey says they'll make something up. And then send it to Penthouse Forum. Bamp chicka bamp bamp. Well, except for that last part. Joey likes that idea, and they walk off arm-in-arm.

Reconciliation Ranch. Dawson sets up the projector screen -- why he doesn't just stand at the front of the room and point the projector at his giant forehead is not explained -- while Gale comes in with two huge bowls of popcorn and Grams asks what gave Dawson "the idea to do this." Dawson explains that she'd never seen Mr. Brooks's movies, and Gretchen hits the lights as Dawson says that he thinks "this is how he would have liked to have been remembered." Grams thinks he's right -- and, much as it pains me, so do I -- and plunges into the popcorn. Hee. Wistful piano as Dawson rolls the film; Gretchen comes to sit down between his legs (ew chicka ew ew) and he rests his chin on her head (ew ew ew ewwww ewwwwww) as they all watch the film.

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