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Sex and Death

Okay, do I really have to go into the essential, visceral wrongness of this subplot? Do I have to explain that it's not only legally impossible, but also morally repugnant, that Dawson is allowed -- nay, encouraged -- to play God? I didn't think so.

Ski resort. Pacey and Joey try to decide on a restaurant; Jen and Jack hobble up to them, and Jack proposes that all four of them head to a nearby pizza joint, and Joey says it "sounds fun" and asks Jen if she's sure she's okay. Jen says she's fine. The four of them head off down the street, and Jen promptly slips on the ice and lands on her back with an "oof!" Hee -- yaaaard saaaale!

At the pizza place, Drue, Anna, Pacey, Joey, and some randoms sit around a table telling funny sex stories; everyone laughs at a punchline except Joey, who sulks. And now, a missive from my outgoing mail. Dear Joey: I well remember my own virgin days, when it seemed like everyone else had already Done It, and nobody could talk about anything but Doing It, and I felt really apprehensive about Doing It and I really didn't want to think about Doing It or talk about Doing It, and it seemed like everything pointed back to Doing It -- my mother packed a banana in my lunch, or I had to write an essay about The Awakening for English class, or I got my period, it didn't matter. Everything had gotten all fraught with The Meaning Of Doing It. My advice to you is to Just Do It. Nike overtones aside, it's just not that big a deal -- I mean, it is a big deal, but only as big as you make it, and you love Pacey and Pacey loves you, so that's all good, so Get It Over With Already. Then you can get on with your life and, more importantly, you can stop feeling like the rest of the world is in on a joke you didn't hear and acting defensive and bitchy as a result, because I know that routine, and it's old. Either that, or decide not to Do It and feel good about it, but stop putting your shit on everyone else. Love, Sars. Anyway, Drue needles her all how-would-you-know, and Joey snaps back at him about the "negligible" pleasure the average teenage girl derives from sex with the average teenage boy. Good point, that. Pacey looks teeth-grindingly uncomfortable as Anna sniffs, "Unless you're doing it with a man who knows what he's doing." Another good point. Drue declaims to the entire room about girls having it "way easier" than guys and says that girls, not guys, should carry the condoms around in their wallets. The other guys in the pizza place cheer. Joey seethes that not every guy carries a condom around in his wallet. (Quick PSA: if you do carry a condom in your wallet, you should replace it with a fresh one each month, because the wallet and the heat from your hip act as stressors on the condom, and it might break. Okay, on with the recap.) Anna calls for all the guys to bust out their wallets and put Joey's statement to the test. Naturally, every guy in the place has a rubber on him. Joey looks like she might start sobbing. Anna says she doesn't see Pacey's wallet; Pacey lies that he left it back in the room, and Joey glares at him.

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