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Sex and Death

Lodge. Jack comes in to find Jen getting sloppy on mini-bar booze. She says she "was in all kinds of discomfort," so she broke into the mini-bar with a hairpin and started self-medicating. That's my girl. Jack sits down beside her and tells her she looks pathetic; Jen just shrugs. Hee! Jen then asks if he's tired; no, he's "very very awake," but he is tired of "feeling so numbed" and playing everything so "safe and harmless," so he's going to go cruising and pick up a hot little number -- oh, wait, not that last part. Unfortunately. Jack does want to do something reckless that night, though, like get fucked up or get in a fight or something. Jen offers him a drink now, "and I'll fight you later." Snort. Jack accepts a hotel-room-water-glass-snifter of vodka and says that Jen's the "expert" on all sorts of "risky business" -- isn't there anything she wants to do? "Yes. I wanna sit here with you," she slurs. They clink glasses. Aw. Also, bamp chicka bamp bamp.

Joey answers the door to find Anna in a bikini top outside, reminding them about the hot tub: "I just wasn't sure if it was clear." Huh? "Crystal," Joey snips, and Anna goes on her way. Joey, attired in a sweater that looks like all the colors of Benetton threw up, closes the door, turns to level Pacey with a hostile gaze, and asks, "No comment?" Not really. Joey finds it hard to believe that a "nearly topless female" knocks on the door and "asks if Pacey can come out to play" and Pacey doesn't have any comment. Pacey responds flatly that, no matter what he says, she'll just take it wrong, like, no kidding. Joey passive-aggressives that he should let her know when he has any thoughts he'd like to share, and she droops over to the fireplace, but when Pacey observes with weary sarcasm that he's certainly glad they "tabled that whole sex discussion," she turns around angrily. Pacey calls her out on her passive-aggressive crap, in so many words, finally, and she snarks back, as expected, that she's so sorry her "neuroses and hang-ups" ruin his fun, so why doesn't he just go to the hot tub and party it up without her? "And give you something to be really pissed off about, right? That's what you want, isn't it?" Right on, Pacey. Joey slits her eyes: "No, she's what you want, isn't she? Someone who's a little bit more…fun, a little bit more experienced, a little bit more eager to help make this a truly memorable weekend?" Pacey looks sad and repeats that it's Joey he wants, but there's no reason for him to argue the point if she's "so eager to refute it." Joey doesn't doubt that he wants her, but she doesn't know "why, or for what reason." Pacey stops her, snapping that he wouldn't have lasted in the relationship for nine months if he'd only gotten into it for sex; Joey admits that no, he wouldn't have. Pacey refuses to feel guilty about wanting to sleep with someone that he loves as much as he loves her. Aw -- but Joey jumps on that, of course, accusing him tearfully, "But there is something wrong with not wanting to." Okay, Joey? You think that. Just you. Stop throwing it on Pacey! God!

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