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Abby Morgan, Rest In Peace

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Abby Morgan, Rest In Peace

Thanks to Wing, the Biscuit, and all the pundits on the boards.

Lord have mercy on my digestive system. Fade up on the exterior of the No-Fault Hacienda as Joey "I Need To Find Myself. Psych!" Potter and Dawson "Whiny Bunches Of Oats" Leery canoodle their way through the underbrush. A pillar obscures our view, but the lip mics don't leave much to the imagination. As the star-crossed losers (tm the Biscuit) approach the ladder up to the Sanctum Dawsonorum, Joey wonders aloud "if this is a good idea," but Dawson tells her not to analyze it as he tugs on her arm. More kissing. They climb in the window while giggling and kissing some more, and as Dawson clambers in behind Joey and sticks his tongue in her ear, the camera pans over to Jen "Pig Zag Wanderer" Lindley sitting on the bed. Dawson, bummed that he won't get a leg over: "Jen." Joey, concerned: "What's wrong?" Jen, waterlogged and puffy: "Abby and I were on the d -- on the docks, and we were up there and sh -- we were drinking, and then, sh -- she fell back and she hit, hit her head, and she -- she drowned. Abby's dead." Joey comes over and sits down next to Jen and puts her arm around her as Jen begins to sob. Dawson looms over both of them, calculating precisely how this tragedy will affect him. Then a jarring cut to the exuberant yowling of the credits.

Winsome scenes of Capeside. Over at Bessie's Penal Colony (formerly "Bessie's Bastard Barn"), Joey looks at old photos of her late mother; a tear rolls down her face. "Big Daddy" Potter comes out on the porch, looks over Joey's shoulder, and says, "Seems like a lifetime ago," with a goofy and inappropriate grin. Then again, the actor playing Mr. Potter says just about everything with a goofy and inappropriate grin. Anyway. Mr. Potter launches into an anecdote about the dress Mrs. Potter has on in one of the pictures -- too expensive blah blah blah told her to take it back blah blah blah "she went out and bought two of them just to spite me" blah blah blah "that was your mother" blah blah blah fishcakes. Then he asks why Joey is looking at the photo album. Joey tells him what happened to Abby. Mr. Potter asks if Joey was close with Abby, and Joey says no, Abby was "kind of a nightmare," but her death "kind of got [Joey] thinking." Mr. Potter says carefully that they never really talked about her mother's death, and as soon as these words leave his lips, Joey gets nervous and says she has to get to school, and she grabs her stuff in a big hurry and beats it out of there as her dad looks after her ruefully.

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