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Dear old golden rule days

Previously on Dawson's Creek: Jen stalked Tom Frost, and Tom Frost busted her on her trust issues; Dawson told Joey that Mr. Brooks left him money, and that he has to do "something great" with it; Gretchen told Pacey that Joey lied to Dawson about sleeping with him (Pacey, not Dawson).

Fade up on the cafeteria, where Joey "Little Miss Little Miss Can't Be Wrong" Potter sniffs a forkful of what looks like beefaroni; the beefaroni matches her violently orange attire, and I can only assume that she's wearing that inch of eye-shadow in order to match the vegetables. As Joey looks disgusted by her meal, Jen "Craaaayzeee…I'm Crazy For Feeeeelin' So" Lindley enters the caf and looks around for someone she knows, and Joey spots her and waves her over -- and it's nice to see them doing friend-type things -- but on the way to the table Jen yard-sales and spills a bunch of college brochures on the floor, and Joey puts a dime in the exposition jukebox, asking if the brochures represent all the colleges that Jen got into. Jen says it's all the colleges that she and Jack both got into; now they just have to "narrow down the choices." I had a sidebar all set here about the fact that my parents never would have permitted me to choose a college based on where my friends planned to go, but then I remember that neither Jen nor Jack has functioning parents, so never mind. Joey compliments her on the schools, and Jen jokes that Jack is really good at "the application process," which qualifies him for a career in civil service or education. She asks if Joey's heard from any schools yet, and Joey jokes that she hasn't, which means she's qualified for "a career in waitressing." "Hardly," Jen says, and just then a guy hands Joey a note; she's to report to the office immediately to call home.

Elsewhere, Dawson "The Reject (Da Na Na), The Reject (Da Na Na), The Reject -- JECT JECT JECT JECT JECT" Leery wonders at a similar note in class while Jack "Played By Kerr Smith, A Straight Guy Who Really Reeeeeally Likes The Ladies" McPhee asks if there's another reason "to pull Dawson Leery out of class? I think not."

In the office, a random guy squinches his face up in disappointment and hands the phone back to the secretary; Joey looks on nervously. Enter Dawson, who sleazes about the "coincidence," and Joey says she hopes it's "a good one." "I'll be glad when April's over," the secretary grumbles, saying she wishes parents would let the seniors open their own college mail "instead of torturing [them] over the phone," and it's worth mentioning here that my school -- and many other schools I could name -- had a policy specifically forbidding parents from notifying the students about college mail during the school day, and the administration enforced the rule pretty strictly to avoid hurt feelings. It's a good rule, as we'll soon see. Anyway, the secretary bustles off to pick up her SAG card, and Dawson dorkily says he guesses that "this is it, another life-altering moment," and he wishes Joey luck. Joey, wearing stricken face, nods and wishes him luck too. They dial home. Cross-cutting dialogue, the gist of which is that Joey got into Worthington and Dawson got rejected by NYU film school. (Hee!) A lingering shot of all the dark, adult hair on Dawson's allegedly-seventeen-year-old hand. Dawson gets off the phone, bummed, and a cat walks across hot coals as Dawson looks over and sees that Joey is smiling in happy disbelief.

Back to the old credits with Meredith Monroe. Huh?

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