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After Hours

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After Hours

Grams's. Ambiguously Gay Studying. Jack wonders how Ambiguously Gay Eric got the notes and the tests out of The Notes And Tests Closet. ["Well, it's a closet. QED. Heh." -- Sars] AGE shrugs that he just put them in his backpack and walked out. Jack points out that AGE could get kicked out of the frat if his perfidy is revealed! AGE points out that he hears it's possible to leave the Greek system and survive. "Why are you helping me?" Jack wonders. "Because you helped me," AGE says. How ambiguous of him.

Daylight. Dawson leaves Amy's cute, cute Bridget Jonesean apartment, but before he goes she gives him a gift: herpes. Not really. It's What's Up, Tigerlily?, Woody Allen's first film. Blah blah it's derivative, imitative, and full of unexplored potential, just like Dawson! And I just can't wait for the episode when Dawson marries his stepdaughter, can you? Dawson thanks her, and Amy gives him the "we're in different places in our lives and I need someone more sexually experienced than you are" speech, but Dawson insists that he wants to keep in touch. "Then do," Amy says. "I'd like that." He kisses her and leaves. Amy smiles as he goes. I think she can do better.

Joey paces around the library.

Jack heads off to his test. Grams hands him his lunch, and he takes it, nods confidently at her, and heads for the door. He turns at the last moment, and comes back and kisses her on the forehead. Grams smiles and places her hand over her heart. I burst into tears. I'm sorry; that was just a really nice moment and I miss my own Grams sometimes.

Dawson walks along the docks, looking for sailors.

Pacey calls Audrey, who lets the machine pick it up. She looks miserable as he pleads on the tape for her to talk to him.

Joey sleeps over her book in the library. She opens her eyes to see Dawson, holding a cup of coffee for her. She takes it gratefully and wonders how the movie was. "Fun. Inspiring. Completely unexpected," he muses. He stares for a moment, and wonders if he can sit with her for a little bit. Joey agrees, and thanks him for the coffee. Then she starts bitching about all the morons at the library, and how she really needs to do well on these finals or her life will be over and she'll have to go back to Capeside and become a crack whore, eventually ending up in jail with her father. She looks over at Dawson, and notices that he's totally asleep. "Dawson?" she asks. He wakes up and smiles sleepily. He wants to ask her something: "Do you like my shoes?" Joey smiles, furrowing her brow. "Yeah. Why?" Dawson looks at her. "Just wondering," he says. Joey shoots him a weird look. He drifts back to sleep. She goes back to her book. Wow, well, then! They must be meant to be!

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