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After Hours

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After Hours


Back to Pacey's, where he makes a nervous little "no means no" joke. Alex twitters that she didn't come over to "jump [Pacey's] bones," but to apologize. She gives him a bottle of champagne as a peace offering. Because nothing says "I'm sorry" like contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Alex wanders around the living room, murmuring that she feels terrible for coming onto him like she did, but she's all alone in a new town, and she's just so vulnerable right now. "I feel like a fool," she sighs. Pacey halfheartedly tells her not to beat herself up about it. "This is exactly why I'm still single," Alex sighs, waving her arms around. "Why? Because you kiss the help?" Pacey asks. "No, because I take getting what I want for granted," Alex purrs. But she reiterates that she "respects Audrey," and she'll even give the girl her job back! "No matter how cute you are in your uniform, I promise, from now on, complete professionalism. Deal?" she asks. Pacey agrees; they shake on it. Alex looks around the apartment appraisingly and wonders if she's paying him "too much." Because the place is all nice and whatnot. Pacey explains that he's just "squatting" there while Chef Danny tries to put together the shattered pieces of his shallow life. Alex chirps that maybe she'd like to take over the lease. And why not? She's already taken over Danny's restaurant. Not that I'm all broken up that they rode Chef Danny out of town on a rail, since watching that guy interact with anyone was about as involving as watching paint dry. Alex says that maybe she'll let Pacey stay on, too. Rent-free. "We'll work something out," she coos. "Work something out?" Pacey squeaks. "Lighten up, Pacey! I'm talking about the apartment!" Alex says. "Of course," Pacey grumbles.

Worthington Library For Girls With Yellow, Yellow Teeth And The Soulmates Who Haunt Them. Joey is studying for finals and gnashing her teeth and tearing out her hair, so stressed is she. Next to her sits Dawson, watching a DVD on his laptop in preparation for his final on "First-Time Directors And The Way They Connect To Dawson Leery's Lifelong Dreams Of Becoming A Big Fancy Artiste." Yada yada yada, Dawson's all laughing at his movie and chomping loudly on his potato chips and Joey just can't concentrate on Beowulf, so she tells him to cram it and kicks him out of the library. He decides to go catch a movie downtown. Maybe he'll luck out and meet a singing car thief or something while he's down there!

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