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After Hours

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After Hours

Liberty Hell. Through a series of contrived circumstances, Pacey ends up walking Alex home in the middle of the night, so as to protect her from the Bantering Bandit Version 2.0.

Stepford Frat; Jack walks into a party, bold as you please, and asks Blossom and Bull if he can get into "the notes and tests closet" for some semi-legal assistance for that multivariable calculus test. Blossom and Bull play dumb, accuse Jack of "needing a drink," and toss him out of the house with nary a note or a test. Ambiguously Gay Eric watches in silence as Jack stomps off.

Over at Amy's, Dawson answers the door with a blanket wrapped around his waist. The pizza delivery guy is struck blind and stumbles away, eventually falling into the bushes with an anguished cry. "Look at you, all Harrison Ford in Working Girl," Amy coos. "I'd rather be him in Raiders," Dawson says, setting the food down on the coffee table. "Cuter in the former," Amy says. "Cooler in the latter," Dawson counters, and as much as this may get me fired, I agree with Dawson. In fact, I think Harrison Ford was cuter in Raiders of the Lost Ark, too. And he had a whip! And no Melanie Griffith. Raiders it is! Dawson wonders why Amy won't let him see her movie. She hems and haws and finally explains that it's just really, really, really bad. "So you just never wanted to make another one?" Dawson asks. That is correctamundo, Amy says. Dawson thinks about this, then reminds her that…oh, screw this. Do any of us really care if Amy Film Critic makes another movie? I didn't think so, especially as she is, by her own admission, happy being a writer. "Sometimes, you just have to let things go like that," she tells him. "Very smart and practical," Dawson agrees. "And a little sad," Amy smiles. "A little," Dawson says.

So, Pacey finally gets Alex to her apartment. There are forty thousand people wandering the streets, by the way. It looks pretty safe to me. They stand on Alex's stoop for a moment, and Pacey asks her to consider taking over Danny's apartment just like she did his restaurant, offering to let her come by and look it over if she likes. Alex says that maybe she will, and offers that it's "nice" to have Pacey as a friend. They hug. For a long, long time. In fact, it looks like both of them are considering kissing the other. Snore. "I guess I should be going, Alex," Pacey husks. Then he leaves.

Library, where Audrey is still yammering about Pacey's "surprise" for her. Joey finally cracks and tells Audrey to either shut her piehole or go find Pacey and drive him crazy. Audrey leaves. Joey gets back to studying. She's barely had a moment to read when Jack plops down next to her, all in a state over multivariable calculus. Joey just stares at him. She's sort of amusing me, loath as I am to admit it.

Back in the bedroom, Dawson confesses to Amy that he's never had a date like this, with all the sex. She lies that she hasn't, either. Dawson wonders what makes a girl decide to spend the night with a boy she barely knows. Amy tells him it's the same things that make a boy want to spend a night with a girl (giant hooters, for those of you keeping score), but for a girl, "the deciding factor is usually the shoes." Um, I think I speak for all women when I say, no. It's really not. I mean, if the shoes are bad, that hurts your chances. But I've never been all, "Dude, those flip-flops are boss! Let's have sex." Dawson is as incredulous as I am. "You decided to sleep with me because of my [product placement removed]?" he asks. Amy tells him his sneakers reveal that he is "safe, genuine, a kindred spirit." The problem with Jen, Amy thinks, is that she didn't "appreciate quality footwear." Also that, apparently, she's dead. "Does breaking up bite, or what?" Amy asks. Dawson launches into his patented "it wasn't that bad" story. He and Jen are still friends. "It's the same as before." Except they know what the other looks like naked now. Amy muses that when she broke up with her boyfriend, she threw a Cuisinart. Dawson insists that he's a lover, not a fighter. Amy can't believe he's never had a "knock-down, drag-out fight." He swears he hasn't. "Doesn't seem like there was much there with this girl," Amy muses. Dawson takes the mildest offense at this. "You are a passionate guy, Mr. Leery," Amy explains. "The secret is out. And someday, you're going to meet someone who drives you absolutely mad, who you are going to fight with and laugh with and do totally insane things for. Someone who turns your life wildly upside down." Dawson makes his thoughtful face. "I think I've already met that person," he says. Amy, bless her heart, does not assume he means her, and simply wonders why he's not with that person. "Bad timing," Dawson shrugs. Amy nods. "I had a chance awhile back and I blew it. And I guess she felt the same way you do about your life and moved on," he explains. Amy wonders how he knows that the girl moved on. Dawson answers that she's with a new guy. Charlie? She's not exactly with him. Isn't he on his world tour now? At any rate, Amy wisely points out that just because this girl is dating someone else, it doesn't necessarily mean she's moved on. After all, he's spending the night with her. "Does that mean that you've moved on?" she asks. Dawson just smiles.

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