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After Hours

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After Hours
"Why should I?" she asks. "You lied to me!" Um, Audrey? You are, likewise, a big fat liar, so why don't you…actually, I don't care what you do, as long as you stop with the yelling. Pacey yelps that he never told her about The Alex Thing because he didn't think it would happen again. Audrey brats that if he wanted to stop it, he could have, and he thinks Alex is hot, and if he didn't want it to happen again, why didn't he quit? Pacey points out that he needs the job. "I'm not some rich college girl who can quit when the mood strikes me," he snips. Audrey purses her lips so hard. "Screw the girl, keep the job, have your cake and eat it too, that's fine," she squeaks, and tosses her hair and stomps off. Pacey looks like he has a mild case of indigestion.

Pacey comes back to the apartment to find Alex on his leather sofa, drinking her champagne. Pacey appears less than thrilled to see her. "I thought you might need a friend," Alex says. "Come and sit," she says, patting her lap -- er, the sofa. Pacey sighs. "You realize she may never talk to me again," he says. "I told you nineteen is too young to be settling down," Alex says, rubbing his cheek. Pacey sighs. "You're driving me crazy, Alex. You realize that?" he asks. Alex can't help it, she says. Pacey is practically licking her arm. Alex tells him that she thinks people should "listen to their urges." If that was really a good idea, by the way, half of the people I run into on a daily basis would be dead right now. "Everyone already thinks you did it, Pacey, so why don't you just do it?" Alex asks. He stares at her. He kisses her. They mack. And she pulls away after a moment. "God, this is great. Too bad we have to stop," she says. Pacey looks stunned. "What about the heat?" he asks. Alex shrugs. "Well, just knowing that we could do it is enough," she says, peeling herself off the sofa. "It is?" Pacey yelps. "It is. It would just be inappropriate," Alex says, and leaves. Pacey looks very, very frustrated. Alex? Insane. I mean it. I think she's mental. I think she's Kimberly-ripping-off-her-wig-in-Michael's-bathroom-then-stealing-Jo's-baby-crazy.

Library. A couple is making out next to Joey, all smacky and giggly. She looks at them, disgusted and horrified. "Could you guys get a room?" she asks. The Kissyface Couple roll their eyes and huff and puff and leave. "It's a library," Joey says to the air, a hilarious expression on her face. That one scene almost redeemed her for me. Not quite. Almost. It was pretty close, though.

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