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Appetite For Destruction

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Appetite For Destruction

Previously: The sex.

House of Grams. Pacey, Jack, Joey, and Audrey are in the kitchen, chopping and sautéing and slicing and dicing and pan-frying and boiling and basting and mashing. Joey peers over Pacey's shoulder, and informs him that his rice "looks gummy." Pacey informs her that it's not rice, it's risotto, and it needs to finish cooking. Audrey plops down on a stool in front of the butcher-block island and wonders "what gives with the fancy rice." Joey pauses in her chopping and remarks that Audrey ought to be pleased to get a break from the dining hall. Audrey wrinkles her nose and plays with the tomatoes on the table. "Well, you promised me a Grams, and I'm seeing no Grams, so this evening is clearly ruined," she chirps. "Liking the décor, however," she says, looking around Grams's cozy kitchen. There's continued cooking, and general cheerful banter, and Joey wonders where Jen and Dawson are. Jack tells everyone that Jen called Grams and told her that they were going to stay in Hooksett an extra day. "Something about soaking up the atmosphere." Well, Jen's soaking up something, all right. Ew, that was disgusting. I'm so sorry.

Outside, Dawson's taking luggage out of the car and thinking about how he's finally a man. "Well, back at Grams's," Jen sighs. "Right. Reality. Life at Grams's. Endless cycle of home-cooked meals and grueling knitting sessions," Dawson says. They stare at the house. Jen sighs that she just enjoyed their little "escapist adventure." And she can't think of what to say to people. You know, about them. Dawson doesn't see why they have to say anything. "Are you proposing we sneak around, Dawson Leery, because -- you know what? I am that kind of girl," Jen smiles. They look at the house some more, and Dawson suggests that they just "enjoy what [they] have going on and not worry so much about what to tell other people." Jen cocks a brow. "Who is this footloose and fancy-free boy?" she asks, as Dawson backs her up against the portico and starts sucking her face. When they finally come up for air, Jen suggests they head inside.

Inside, there's further mackery. Eventually, Audrey wanders into the hallway, and watches them. Soon, she's joined by the whole gang. "Hey, guys," Audrey calls, raising one very well-manicured brow. "Pacey made rice." Dawson and Jen jump apart and make stricken faces. Pacey grins wildly. Jack covers his mouth so as not to burst out laughing. Joey just looks very, very surprised.

So, the whole lot of them sit at the dinner table and push their risotto around on their plates. Joey flashes Pacey a bright smile. Audrey chews calmly. Jack, still, is cracking up. Jen just stares straight ahead. "Look, it's not supposed to be this gummy," Pacey says. Apparently, risotto must be served immediately, before it coagulates. Jen mutters that she'll take full responsibility for "the coagulation." She had no idea they were all going to be there… "Or that Pacey would be cooking," Dawson adds. "Who would have guessed?" Jen offers weakly. "Already finishing each other's sentences," Jack comments. Dawson and Jen look down at their risotto. And Audrey looks around the table and tosses a giant forkful onto her shoulder. "Oh, look at that!" she cries. "What gets out rice?" Audrey grabs Joey's hand and pulls her out of the room. The camera pans out to a wide shot, revealing that Dawson and Jen are holding hands under the table.

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