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Previously on Dawson’s Creek, Bessie complains about her "way too" pregnancy, Bodie gets up in Grams’s face, Grams and Bessie face off, Pacey and TaMAHra totally don’t keep their relationship "strictly teacher-student."

Sanctum Dawsonorum. "The End" appears in curlicue writing on the TV screen. Joey "Days Of Spine And Roses" Potter, clad in a tomboyish pair of overall shorts, says with zero emotion, "Okay. Great movie. Thanks a lot. I gotta go." Dawson "Forehead Primeval" Leery protests, and Joey says she really can’t stay -- Bessie "Babycakes" Potter is due any minute. Dawson says that Bodie can take care of Bessie, and besides, they’ve only watched one movie -- they never watch just one movie on movie night. Joey says limply, "Well, first time for everything," and Jen "Wee Wee Wee All The Way Home" Lindley pipes up from her chair on the other side of Dawson’s bed, "Huh, a night of firsts all around." Jen has her hair barretted to the side, and it actually looks cute, but that doesn’t stop Joey from biting her head off: "What are you talking about?" Jen, momentarily flummoxed, stammers, "I’m talking about the obvious, which I know we’ve all tried our best to ignore, but it’s easy to see that I’ve intruded on a very personal ritual here, and clearly my presence is making you uncomfortable," and as Jen speaks, Joey advances towards her with her arms folded across her chest and her face set in stony disapproval. Jen gets up and tells Joey to stay and watch another movie -- she’ll go. Joey rolls her eyes. Dawson says, "No, Jen, you don’t have to do that," and Jen says, "No, it’s okay -- I mean, you and I have decided to slow things down, so I’m sure that a few hours apart won’t kill us," adding, "Grams has kinda been on the warpath, meaning once she sees Joey leave, there’s no way she’s gonna trust you and I [sic] alone, so, so I should go." Joey summons just enough grace to say in an extremely grudging tone of voice, "Well, don’t leave on my account -- I mean, I’m not interested in ruining anyone’s evening." Jen tells her that it’s not her and she shouldn’t take it personally. Dawson, feigning ignorance to the unresolved tension, claps his hands and says, "Great, so, next issue -- what to watch," like, buck up little camper! Not about to let it drop, Jen points out that if she and Joey both stay, it leaves them "stuck in the same uncomfortable position we’ve been in all night," and Dawson flops back on the pillows and comments that, from where he sits, neither of them can stay, regardless of whether the other one leaves, and since he lives there, that seems to leave "only one option," and on cue both girls say, "’Night, Dawson," and as he sputters, "Wait a minute," Joey climbs out the window and Jen goes down the stairs. Dawson grumbles, "Movie night -- way too complicated," and fondles the remote.

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