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Be Careful What You Wish For

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Be Careful What You Wish For

Evidently the location budget is tight because the "cool place" for which Andie made Pacey turn around is Ty's beloved nightclub. Andie sits and takes off her jacket to reveal a strappy red dress with a plunging neckline, and a decolletage liberally coated with body glitter. Pacey expresses his appreciation for Andie's new look by saying, "Who are you and what have you done with my girlfriend?" She says she was always there, only "trapped beneath the bondage of Gap clothing and a good-girl complex." Andie says that she plans to let her "id out to breathe some fresh air for the evening." Dawson asks her to explain what the id is, and she says, "It's the part of you that holds your purest impulses and desires, and it doesn't judge or care what anyone thinks; it just wants what it wants." Dawson, characteristically, manages to make even ANDIE'S THERAPY about him, by remarking that he could stand to give his id free rein for a while too: "I mean, look at me. I'm sitting in a bar and drinking straight Coke." Andie suggests that they do it together. Pacey gets up to go to the washroom, and the waitress comes back to their table. Andie tells her she'll have another Coke, and says that the bartender should put more rum in it this time. Dawson follows her lead, and says that he could "hardly taste the rum in mine." The idiot waitress can't tell that they're five years underage, and complies with their request without asking for ID. Andie asks if Dawson has ever drunk alcohol before; he says he hasn't, and neither has she. Oh, the comic possibilities of this scenario will be like nothing ever seen before on television! I can't wait! (Not.)

Back at the party, Jack is standing out on the porch when Abby steals up behind him and asks, "So! How does it feel to be the one that set this little hamlet on its heels?" Jack says, "Look, why do you keep talking to me? I don't like you, Abby." Abby says, "That's 'cause no one likes me. I'm an outcast. Welcome to the club." Jack makes a dismissive noise like, "Meh." Abby says, "This whole thing is just so ridiculous. There's no such thing as 'gay' anyway. Just this weird label people came up with to persecute the normal inclination to go both ways." Um, I know a couple of people who could disprove that notion pretty convincingly, but whatever. Jack says, "What do you mean?" Abby says, "Well, we're all bisexual, don't you think? We're all just sexual animals under God. This puritanical society would make you think our natural impulses are something to be ashamed of, when it's really those kinds of attitudes that are the embarrassment. Don't you think?" Jack says nothing, and I just don't have the energy.

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