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Be Careful What You Wish For

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Be Careful What You Wish For

10 Things I Hate About You. Only ten? Sorry, you're not trying.

Next we get the standard youthful drinkers' remorse scene, more graphic than I would have liked, as Dawson and Andie vomit into the sink and toilet, respectively. Um, sorry, shouldn't they be upchucking in separate bathrooms? And shouldn't Pacey the teen angel be standing by holding Andie's hair?

Elsewhere, the Bride of Flash comes out on the porch to see the Flash sitting there. He asks her if they've completely ruined their son's life. She says that he's sixteen years old, and doesn't the Flash remember being sixteen years old? He says he does, "all too well." She says she's taking the Explorer back to the dealer the next day. He suggests that they go in together on an old car. She talks about financing and then says that Dawson could learn a little something about mistakes. He says they're all learning something about that. Whatever.

Joey is standing way in front of the house as Jack comes up and says hi. Sars wonders why she didn't just go the hell home already. Joey says, "You know, it's bad enough that I organized the world's worst surprise party, Jack, but...Abby? I mean, after what she did to your family and everyone else...I guess I just thought that if you were going to go straight again, you would have chosen someone like Cindy Crawford or something." Jack says, "Everyone's been telling me how okay they are with me coming out -- you, Pacey, that overzealous guidance counselor..." Joey says, "Sorry for being so accepting. Would you rather everyone just turned against you?" Jack says, "No, it's just that she was saying some things tonight that made me feel like I was just like everybody else. I guess I saw what I could have become from this whole thing -- somebody on the fringes like Abby." Joey reluctantly asks, "So if we hadn't walked in...?" Jack says, "I still would have stopped. I realized from the minute that I started that I was...that I am gay." Joey looks away, and says, "Well you know, Jack, I think everyone feels alone and wants to be normal, and I don't think anyone ever really does [sic]." Jack says, "I don't want to be singled out, like I have some scarlet 'G' on my chest -- the Ellen of Capeside." Joey says, "We're all going through the painful process of growing up. I mean, you just have this extra layer of difficulty. But you're incredibly lucky to have people who support you. Just don't lose sight of that." Jack breathes, "Yeah. I guess the thought of being gay just seemed like such a lonely thought. I just don't to end up alone." Nice, subtle job by both actors there.

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