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Props to Liz and Sars. Only one more to go! Woo!

Pacey told Dawson that Joey was in love with him (Dawson), but Dawson wouldn't believe it. Joey told Pacey that a scholarship would be her only way out of Capeside. Jen tried to be friends with Dawson, but he was a baby about it. Dawson told Joey that he wished he was taking her on a date, and she said she wished he was, too.

Fade up on the TV screen of the Sanctum Dawsonorum, on which two ladybugs are depicted, apparently mating. Before we see her, we hear the voice of Joey "Mopey Longstocking" Potter asking what the show is. From his usual position reclined on the bed, Dawson "Cotton" Leery replies that it's a special he taped on entomological sexual behaviour. Okay, I know that teenagers have a natural curiosity about sex, but really, that's taking things too far. Back on the TV, the bug porn has switched species and is now featuring praying mantes. Dawson asks, "Well, how does she know which one she's attracted to? They all look the same." "Instinct," Joey replies authoritatively, "unlike people." Dawson asks if she means that people don't choose mates by instinct. Oh...oh dear. I'd forgotten about the pendant. It's in full effect, meticulously lain upon the collar of his sweatshirt, and not ignominiously hidden inside. Joey does the traditional Joey stroll across the Sanctum to inform Dawson, "[In determining attraction,] people go by whatever supermodel the media decides [will] be this month's perfect human specimen." Dawson claims that he doesn't need Entertainment Tonight to tell him "that Drew Barrymore is hot." Oh. Do you need me to tell you she isn't? Because she isn't. Joey tells Dawson that "twentieth-century men are conditioned to worship women who look like nutritionally-deprived heroin addicts. In the Renaissance, they liked women who were hefty, and in some cultures they like women who have bones through their noses and plates in their mouths. It's just the way it goes, Dawson." Although the last of her examples strikes an uncomfortably Colonialist tone, I think she's right; the reason that standards of beauty evolve differently in various geographic locales and historical eras is that such standards are culturally defined. On the other hand, the program Dawson's Creek is also a product of "the media" and isn't especially breaking any new ground in altering or even challenging North American standards of beauty, with the exception of the show's tireless efforts to place before the North American audience a figure with a very very very large head and encouraging impressionable young women to look beyond the physical, deep inside the freakishly large head, and into its owner's soul. So, kudos to the show's producers for bravely casting a full-craniumed man and treating him as if his physical deformity were not an impediment to his romantic prospects. ["But I must chide the writers for making said full-craniumed man such a dink." -- Sars] But I digress. Dawson tells Joey, "Mmm...you're reaching." Dude, were you listening? The only thing she's reaching for is your foot, so she can use it to help you kick your own ass. Joey rolls her eyes at his non-argument, so he goes on: "Maybe there is some truth to what you're saying, but you can't tell me that pure animal instinct doesn't have something to do with what kind of guy you're attracted to." Joey nervously smiles with half her face, and shrugs, and says, "I haven't the slightest idea, Dawson." Joey, if you had just kept those ridiculous, WRONG feelings to yourself, you'd be so much happier now.

Wow, the series premiere of Charmed is only two weeks away? Damn, I gotta remember to watch that.

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