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Beauty Contest

Pacey, tie askew, strolls up to Hannah, who asks if he's "come to gloat." He says he just has a lot of experiecne with being a loser, and that, since this is her first time, he thought she might need some pointers. "First time," Hannah snorts, and says that her brother Matt is on the national tennis circuit, Caroline's a pediatrician, and Jennifer's a foreign correspondent on CNN: "Me? I can't even win a stupid small-town beauty pageant." Pacey points out that at least she doesn't need the money, unlike himself, who is stuck living at home with a bunch of people who think he's "a blight on mankind." "Well, aren't we a couple of black sheep?" Hannah comments ruefully, and then compliments him on the "ballsy thing" he did. He thanks her, and says, "You know, what I wouldn't give to go away to school -- be somebody else for a while." Hannah says she spent a total of twenty-three days at home this year, and that the last time she had a school break, she came home to an empty house, yada yada poor little rich girl, not. She wraps it up with some non-funny remark about the dog. Whatever. Smell ya later, Hannah.

Dawson is moping on the lawn at Casa Leery when Jen comes up behind him to ask how his "debut as a newsman" went. He says it'll be a blip on the eleven-o'clock news after all. They both sit down on the front step; she says, "This may sound like it's coming out of the blue, but the truth is I haven't thought about much else lately, Dawson. Look, I know that we didn't give our relationship much of a chance -- okay, I didn't give it much of a chance -- and you're right, I really didn't give you a good reason for the breakup; truth is, I don't even know if I had a good reason. Is it too late for me to ask you for another chance?" Dawson gives himself whiplash turning to look at her and snorts, "You're kidding!" Jen says, "I couldn't be more serious." Dawson exhales, "God, Jen!" Wounded, she says, "I guess I am too late." Dawson says, "It's just that...you know, now is really not the best time." He trails off, and fails to notices her crying or even to LOOK AT HER as he adds, "I've got some things I've got to figure out first." She says, "Okay. Well, you know where I am." "How could I ever forget?" he says ruefully. She leaves. He huffs.

Joey's rendition of "On My Own" starts up on the soundtrack as Joey brushes her hair in Bessie's Bastard Barn. The camera zooms in on Dawson, apparently as he imagines her brushing her hair. Joey brushes some more, and gazes at herself. Back to Dawson. Back to Joey as she experiments with her hair. Back to Dawson. Back to Joey, checking herself out and smiling. Back to Dawson, who smiles. Back to Joey as she lets her hair fall.

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