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Previously on DC, Joey wonders aloud why Jen won’t have sex with Dawson, Dawson tells Joey that Jen wants to, Jen tells Dawson how much she likes him, Dawson tells Jen he wants more, Gale tells The Flash she cheated on him, and Jen confesses to Dawson the real reason her parents packed her off to Capeside.

Sanctum Dawsonorum. Dawson "Forehead’s Dead, Baby -- Forehead’s Dead" Leery flips through the channels and can’t find anything; after attempting to watch scrambled porn (Sars Maalox Scorecard: 13 seconds), he settles on the product-placed American Movie Classics channel. A moment later, Joey "Hollywood & Spine" Potter climbs in through the window; she has elaborate dark circles made up under her eyes, and she refers to a guy who went on a killing spree and got acquitted after claiming sleep deprivation and says she thinks she needs to call that guy’s lawyer. Dawson laughs, "Let me guess -- Bessie and Bodie’s new addition still pulling a day for night?" Joey says her sister "gave birth to Rosemary’s baby," she hasn’t slept in days, her GPA "is taking a nosedive," and last week she got caught "in a pool of drool in European History." Dawson tells her just to "crash here," and Joey asks, "You sure?" and Dawson says, "Yeah," waving his hand breezily before adding, "No drooling, though." Joey mocks Dawson’s predilection for old movies and suggests that he watch something more recent, and Dawson complains that he’s seen everything in the video store twice and can’t find anything on television. Joey looks at the movie playing on AMC and points out, "Dawson, Gary Cooper’s kind of a snoozer," and Dawson sits up and says, "Exactly. See, in the forties you could be a well-intentioned geek and still end up with the girl," neglecting to add that not having a forehead the size of Ayers Rock probably helped Gary Cooper’s cause more than a little bit, and Joey rolls her eyes as Dawson goes on, "What ever happened to the standard Gary Cooper types, you know? Likable but not too self-involved, smart without being arrogant? I mean, come on, what happened to that guy?" When he turns to Joey for an answer, she’s already fallen asleep -- as I would have myself, except that Dawson’s non-subtly non-veiled description of himself as "not too self-involved" had me hurling into a bucket -- and Dawson makes a wry face and goes back to watching Gary "Not Dawson" Cooper.

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