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Capeside Revisited

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Capeside Revisited

The Liberty Hell restaurant. All clad in their Sunday best, Jen, Joey, and Audrey sit at a candle-lit table and chatter about how nice it is to be out on the town. I wonder how they can afford to dine at such a posh and clearly pricey restaurant, seeing as when I was in college, my idea of fine dining involved Nacho Bar Tuesdays in the dorm. Because I was poor. Maybe they've been saving their pennies, though. Or maybe Audrey has a trust fund. Maybe they're going to dine and dash. At any rate, Audrey chirps that she's so happy she tagged along with Jen and Joey. "You mean 'invited yourself,'" Joey says, but she's smiling. Audrey smiles back and states that "no one believes [Joey] doesn't adore [Audrey]." I believe it, as Joey clearly has poor taste in companions; witness her continuing association with Dawson. Jen's cell phone rings in the middle of all of this Good-Natured Roommate Baiting. She smiles and hisses various half-sentences into the phone before hanging up and blushing. It was Charlie. Audrey doesn't know how she feels about "this Charlie." Joey agrees that Jen has been keeping Charlie very much to herself, a behavior which Audrey dubs "very 9 ½ Weeks." Audrey asks if this conversation was a "booty call." "Pretty much," Jen admits, but says she's doesn't know if she's going to answer said call. Although she "could use the snuggles." This comment leads to some run-of-the-mill male bashing, all about how men only see "snuggling as a means to the end," and how men don't know "how easy" it is to please women, and they're only after One Thing, and don't want to talk when they could instead be doing that One Thing, and I'm grateful that at least no one tells Jen that Charlie will never buy the cow while she's giving the milk away for free. Jen complains that she's been seeing Charlie for a week, and the only thing she knows about him is that his boxers come from the Gap. And although I well remember the early years of college, when I used to sit up with people until four in the morning and we'd talk about everything that ever happened to us ever in the history of our lives, and how it affects us now, and what that has to do with the thing with the guy in our biology lab, and while I also sympathize with Jen's wanting to learn more about Charlie, it has only been one week. Seven days. So chill, Jen, and maybe try doing something with Charlie other than going over to his dorm room wearing only a trench coat and pair of edible panties. Audrey wisely tells Jen that there are worse things than having a close-mouthed and dreamy sex toy. "They could be tighty-whities," she says. The girls shudder at the thought. Post-shudder, Joey gets up to go to the bathroom. "And when I get back, I'd like it very much if this week's episode of Sex and the City could come to an end," she asks, primly. "Okay, Charlotte," Jen calls after her.

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