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Capeside Revisited

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Capeside Revisited

Joey comes back to The Worthington Dormitory For Well-Bred Young Ladies to find Dawson sitting on the steps, waiting for her. He asks how her weekend was. "Strange and unusual. How about yours?" Joey asks, taking her mail out of her box. "Strange and unpleasant," Dawson admits, and tells her that he "alienated [his] parents and set [himself] adrift on a sea of uncertainty. So what else is new?" Joey ambles over and looks at him sympathetically. Dawson asks her to tell him that he made the right choice. She tells him that she can't. "Damn," Dawson says. "But I can tell you this," Joey says, "there is no 'right' or 'wrong,' just the consequences of your actions." Dawson looks thoughtful for a second. "What the hell does that mean?" he asks. Joey grins and tells him that her sociology professor said it in class last week, and she thought it was profound at the moment. Dawson wonders gloomily if he ought to just go back to the airport. Joey shakes her head. "We can't seem to get you on that plane," Joey reminds him. "You're like Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man." Wow, burn. She smiles, though, and pokes him, and offers to buy him a cup of coffee. The two of them walk off, talking about Capeside. As Joey tells Dawson that "it's true, you can never go home again," we cut to the Flash, coming out of the market with a double scoop of ice cream and a bag of groceries.

The Flash gets into his SUV, licking the cone with great enthusiasm, and begins to sings along with the radio, using the cone as a microphone and pointing dramatically out the windshield during certain salient points in the song. ["Snerk. I'll miss the Flash." -- Sars] I laughed and laughed at that, but yesterday in the car I realized that I do it all the time. The singing and the pointing, not the using an ice-cream cone for a microphone part. Mid-Dramatic Gesture, though, the top scoop of the Flash's ice cream slides off the cone and onto the floor. He eyes it, and then, taking one last look at the road, leans over to pick it up. While driving. Was he planning to eat that scoop? It was on the floor of the car! That's disgusting! Why didn't he pull over? Why, God? WHY? As soon the Flash he comes up with the ice cream, he finds himself smack-dab in the headlights of an on-coming car. He makes an "oh, man" face and slams on the brakes. But it's too late. In a crunch of steel, the Flash is dead, baby. The Flash is dead.

Next week: The Flash is laid to rest. It's all Dawson's fault!

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