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Capeside Revisited

"I know that if I don't choose this path, I'm going to have significant regrets," Dawson continues. Gale makes a disgusted "hmmmph" noise, and the Flash rubs his cheek with his middle finger. Instead of hollering that he's not dropping out of anything, Gale asks Dawson where he plans to live. "With Jack and Jen. At Grams's," he tells her. And what will he do with himself? "Find a new school," Dawson says naively, like you can just walk up to the registrar's office at any point during the year and introduce yourself and they'll pat you on the back and hand you the course catalogue. "Oh, Dawson," Gale sighs. He huffily swears that he's given this a lot of thought. The Flash sighs and says he's given it some thought, too. "You're not dropping out," he says. "It doesn't work like that," Dawson tells him. This is the part where my mother would have to have been restrained from attacking me physically, and the words "we're," "paying," and "your tuition" would have been used. ["Mine too. Well, except for the 'restrained from' part." -- Sars] "If you're going to talk to me about "crossroads' and 'paths,'" the Flash says sarcastically, "so you can drop out of school and go crash on a sofa, then don't presume to talk to me like you're an adult." Hey, the Flash can go! Get busy, Flash! It's your death day! Whoops, did I just let that slip? Hey, you read the recaplet. Dawson makes a dismissive face. Suddenly, Lily starts to wail upstairs. Gale looks put upon and trundles upstairs to fetch her daughter. The Flash fixes Dawson with a dirty look and walks off himself, unaware that this is going to be the very worst and very last day of his life. Dawson huffs. "Welcome home," he hisses under his breath.

Worthington Dormitory For Young Ladies. Audrey is wearing really cute jeans and strappy high heels, albeit in the middle of day. She plops down next to Joey and asks who "the guy" is. "What guy?" Joey asks, crossly. The guy in the restaurant, Audrey says, the one "that obviously has some huge impact on your life." Joey snaps that the only guy who has any impact in her life right now is "James Joyce and [she] can't focus on him until [she gets] this room in order." Audrey rolls her eyes and gives her increasingly familiar "I'm A Therapist To All My Friends/Tell Me All Your Troubles/Come On, Get Happy" speech. "Don't you have a lacrosse team to date, or something?" Joey asks, not nearly as meanly as she could have. Audrey half smiles and announces that she has a theory about Joey. "You love academia because of the rules and you hate relationships because of the lack of them," she begins. "Do you want to see him or not?" Joey makes a conflicted face. She does want to see him. No, she doesn't. Yes, she does, but only if he wants to see her and he obviously doesn't. Audrey snorts. "God, you're dense! Of course he wants to see you," she says. Joey wonders why. "Because you're beautiful, and you don't know it. You're smart, and you don't believe it. You're the kind of girl guys never get over. Joey, you're the kind of girl that other girls get compared to," Audrey waxes, non-poetically. ["You know, the writers wouldn't have to tell us how great Joey is all the time if they actually showed us any of those qualities in her, but they don't, because said qualities? Don't exist. Like, hi. Joey is a neurotic bitch. You can write her that way, or you can expect us to believe that she's the second coming, but not both. ANYWAY. Sorry, Jessica." -- Sars] Joey moans that she doesn't want to make Pacey feel uncomfortable. "I think you don't want to make yourself feel uncomfortable," Audrey says. Okay, Dr. Laura, we get it. Why don't you go back to calling Dawson names and stop enabling Joey? Joey hems that her relationship with Pacey is "complicated" and that "it ended messy." She just doesn't want to make things worse. Audrey reminds her that no one is grading her on this. Hey, Professor Creepy might. It's in her stupid story, after all. Finally, Audrey stands up, frustrated. "Hey, relationships are messy! That's their nature. They start messy and they end messy and if you ever want to have another relationship in your life, you better just stop worrying about the mess," she says, and flops onto her own bed with a book.

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