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Coming Home

Big ups to the whole crew on the forums, but especially Miss Alli and Shack, and of course to Wing Chun, that recapping-partner-deserting bi -- I mean, "wonderful source of support." ["Dude, I skipped Titans for you. TITANS. All right?" -- Wing Chun]

Gentlemen, start your Maalox.

Previous-seasons montage, in which Jen shoots Dawson a look, Dawson and Joey kiss, Pacey cries, and Joey runs down the dock. The WB announcer intones gravely that lives have changed over time. It's tearing Pacey up to have these feelings. Joey and Pacey kiss. Pacey insists that he's still Dawson's best friend; Dawson disagrees. Joey mopes. Dawson sulks. "Joey Potter had to choose between two lifelong friends." Joey thinks she's in love with Pacey. Tonight, as the fourth season begins, she'll discover…her. Choice. Changed. Everything. Yes, yes. We know. We've seen the promos. We live in the world. For God's sweet sake, get on with it. Scenes from the upcoming season, including Joey and Pacey squabbling, a storm…storming, Jen and Jack hugging, Pacey and Dawson grappling in the rain, Joey making Sad Melted Wax Face.

And now. The beginning of an unforgettable season. Dawson's Creek.

Fade up, with The Guitar Of Short-Lived Bliss twanging in the background, on "A Good" Pacey Witter "Is Hard To Find" catching a fish and product-placing an American Eagle baseball hat. He announces that he caught dinner. Joey "Tank Girl" Potter, winching (I guess -- the one time I went sailing, a Sunfish turned over and trapped me underneath, so don't ask me), smirks, "Oh, seafood. Great change of pace, Pace." She and her suspiciously-not-that-windblown hair clamber over to Pacey as he asks if she's complaining about their "sustenance of the ocean born" ("sustenance"?), and she tells him that if she never has to eat anything with gills again after their trip, "it'll be too soon." Smooching. Pacey looks over her shoulder and sighs that "thar she blows, huh -- Capeside, Mass., our first and last port of call," and Joey muses that it doesn't look much different from when they left. "That's 'cause it ain't, fraulein," Pacey says, and looks down. Joey tells him that she's "in no more of a race than you are to get back there," but it's not as though they've got a choice. "We don't have to go home," he says hopefully, pointing out that they survived for three months "takin' odd jobs," and they can stay away as long as they want, "as long as we're happy." Joey asks teasingly why he didn't think of that before they got to within two hours of home; Pacey corrects her, "Twelve hours," and says he thinks they should drop anchor there, have dinner, and then "debate" their return to Capeside. Joey looks pensive, then cocks an eyebrow and tells Pacey that "as truant as [his] natural instinct may be," she doesn't believe he's seriously suggesting that they skip senior year completely. "Just what would we be missing from the land of poorly-scripted melodramas, huh?" Pacey asks. A thesaurus, I'll wager, but anyway, Pacey goes on, "Recycled plotlines, tiresome self-realizations -- you throw in the occasional downward spiral of a dear friend and maybe a baby here and a death there, and all you've really got is a recipe for some soul-sucking, mind-numbing ennui." Or bad writing. I hate it when the writers try to come off all self-aware and ironic, because they suck at it. As he finishes his sentence, Pacey kisses Joey. "You know what continually amazes me, Pace?" Joey asks, enjoying the kissing. "What's that?" "How long you've lasted without being thrown off this boat," she says with a mock glare. "Oh, finally. That's something we can both agree upon," Pacey says. "Upon"? Cue the cat in the Cuisinart as we cut to a slo-mo of Joey and Pacey jumping fully-clothed off the "True Love." Get it? GET IT?

Credits. No change from last season.

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