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Coming Home

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Coming Home

Inside, they lie in hammocks, Joey's above Pacey's, and Joey reads from what sounds like Grimm's version of "The Little Mermaid." They pass the book back and forth, and when it's Pacey's turn to read, he holds the book in one hand and Joey's hand in the other. After a few lines, he notices that she's fallen asleep. The hammocks rock gently. Pacey looks fondly up at the sleeping Joey.

In upcoming episodes, Dawson wants everyone to move on with their lives, Jen wants to know what a random tall guy is "doing here," Joey yells at Pacey for running away from problems, Dawson bitches to the Flash about Pacey and Joey's relationship, Andie collapses and Jack screams for help, a big storm comes to town, and fate forces something or other to do some damn thing. Also, more bad hair!

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Dawson's Creek




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