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Coming Home

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Coming Home

Scenes of Capeside; melt fade to the hardware store, where a girl in a tight tank top and even tighter blue pants walks up to Dawson and asks where she might find light bulbs. Non-funny mistaking-him-for-someone-who-works-there back-and-forth, and then they recognize each other -- she's Gretchen Witter, Pacey's sister. Dawson's hair is pasted greasily to his head, except for a few lanky strands that dangle in his face…and the spiky little proto-mullet tufts at the base of his neck…and the skanky long parts on top…I need to lie down. Gretchen must have a stronger constitution than mine, because she asks how he's doing. He says he's "damp" (ew), and she prods him a little, saying she heard from "the family" about what happened with him and Joey; he says he's fine, not very convincingly. She confesses that she's taking time off from college; she'd better not take too long, since the actress is about to turn forty. Anyway, good to see you, good to see you too, she walks off, whatever. Jack comes up, asks if Dawson got the rollers they need, and asks about "the girl." "What girl?" Jack gets off a funny quip about the girl Dawson's going to pretend he doesn't know until Jack keeps annoying him by asking about her over and over again. Dawson tries to put him off with "long story," but Jack says, "Good, 'cause we got the entire north side of Mrs. Hancock's to paint." Jack, Jack, Jack, how many times do we have to tell you not to encourage Dawson to tell any boring, overly nostalgic stories?

Over at the PB&B, Joey protests, "I can't believe you!" Bessie "Mama Mia" Potter says that she's Joey's sister, and thus has a right to know. Joey shakes her head; Bessie says that she's Joey's sister whom Joey ditched last June: "I'm entitled to know." Joey dodges by telling Bessie to open her gift. "A plant," Bessie says unenthusiastically. Joey says that it's a Carolina jasmine: "At night, if the wind hit right, we could smell them two miles out on the water." Yeah, I'll bet you could. Bessie tries again to ask if she and Pacey had sex, but Joey tells her to "quit it," she hasn't even unpacked yet, and she grabs her satchel and heads to her room, which -- as we find out when Joey barges in on a guy in his underwear -- Bessie rented out "until Tuesday" in Joey's absence. Joey's face clouds, but Bessie distracts her by proudly showing off the PB& B accounting ledger, which has a bottom line of seventeen grand in profits. Joey smiles in disbelief, and Bessie admits that she "wanted it to be a surprise," and they hug. Aw. Go, Bessie.

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