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Coming Home

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Coming Home

Over at the Doug Witter Sibling Shelter, Pacey and Gretchen snip at each other to "get over yourself," and Pacey asks if Gretchen isn't "a college student or something?" "It's called taking time off," Gretchen grits. "Sure it is," Pacey snorts, telling her she can't fool him. She tells him to mind his own business, and he says he'd happily do just that if she hadn't displaced him at Doug's. Doug comes in from the kitchen to break it up and reminds Pacey that he has other living options, whereas Gretchen does not. He smirkingly suggests that Pacey live on his boat. Pacey complains that he just "spent the last hundred days on that thing," so Doug proposes that he stay with their parents, then; Pacey would rather take "a cot on death row." "There's always the zoo," Gretchen snides. "Down, Gretchzilla," he volleys back. Heh. Gretchen asks why he doesn't stay with Joey, and when he asks what she means, she says that he has a girlfriend now, and Joey would probably happily set him up with a bed, or let him "share hers." Pacey says mock-smugly that he doesn't appreciate that comment, or the tone in which Gretchen made it, but Doug says that Gretchen has a point, and if anyplace has extra rooms, "it's a B&B." "I am not gonna impose on that family," Pacey says nobly. Whatever, Pacey. Gretchen snarks that he imposes on his own family, and she and Doug exchange snarky smiles while Pacey says sarcastically that it's good to have her home, except that he doesn't have a home anymore. It pains Gretchen to see Pacey in this predicament, so much that she blithely asks Doug to pass the iced tea immediately after saying so. Like, ha ha. Not. Pacey looks grim.

In the kitchen of the Ryan Home, Jen snaps beans and tells Joey that Henry "Sub" Parker did so well at football camp that he got a scholarship to a snooty private school, so his parents sent him there instead to "double his college options." Well, that's good news. Smell ya later, Stalker Percy. Grams "Easy Spirit" Ryan pipes up from the sink, "They're doing what Jennifah terms 'the long-distance thang.'" Ha! I love Grams. Jen grumbles that Grams, ironically, doesn't approve, and Grams sets down a vase and tells her that "youth is a time to be spent in the now, not pining away for a solitary weekend every other month or so." "Isn't there a pair of knitting needles calling your name somewhere?" Jen asks mildly. "I suppose they are," Grams smiles, welcomes Joey home from her trip, and leaves the kitchen. The minute she's gone, Jen turns the subject to Joey's "world excursion," and Joey enthuses that "we had the time of our lives -- I honestly wouldn't even know where to begin talking about it." How about during a commercial? Because if I cared, I'd have read the Desktop. Jen advises her to "cut to the sordid stuff," and at Joey's embarrassed "Jen!" she says that she "wouldn't be human" if she didn't want to know, and Joey and Pacey, "alone on a boat for three months -- everybody's gonna ask." Joey shrugs dismissively that "we're not talking about it." Jen smirks and reminds Joey that "'no' means no and 'we're not talking about it' means you did it." Joey tries not to smile, fails, then shrugs and says, "You got me -- we did it. All day, all night, twenty-four-seven. Are you aware that there are thirty-eight known different sexual positions? Forty-two if you're flexible enough." Snerk. Jen has the grace to look a little ashamed: "You're right, it's none of my business." Joey smiles. Then she looks out the kitchen window at the Leerys' house; her smile fades, and she looks back at Jen and asks with studied casualness, "Jen, how is everyone else doing?" "Good. Everybody's good," Jen says softly. Joey nods. Then she says she has to get going, and when Jen asks what she's up to later, Joey says that she and Pacey have decided to take "[their] first official night off" from each other. Oh, puke. Jen invites her to come to the Dive-In. Joey demurs, thinking maybe that's not such a great idea, but Jen overrides her: "Eight o'clock, Stupmuck Cove, and I'm telling everybody that you're gonna be there."

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