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Back over at the Bureau of Crossed Signals, Dawson asks Joey what they've learned "from tonight's 90210 evening." Oh, a pop-cultural reference -- how very ironic and amusing! Well, except for the "ironic" part. And the "amusing" part. Joey says they've learned that they should stay home on Saturday nights and watch movies from now on, "because the rewind on the remote of the movie of life does not work," and she giggles. Dawson observes bitterly that that plan shouldn't pose a problem since he's "officially ruined it with Jen -- it's officially over." Joey, trying to shine the light of reason on the situation: "It never began, Dawson." Dawson laments that he does feel like the creature in his movie; his life has no balance, only extremes, and "nothing is just okay," but Joey cuts him off with, "I'm too tired to philosophize, Dawson." Dawson asks her to chain him to his bed the next time he gets like this, and she saucily asks if she can use the leather straps, and he says, "Not until you explain the Crisco," and Joey laughs at his utter obtuseness, and then they look up and see Jen up ahead of them, making a purchase from a salt-water-taffy cart (yes, a salt-water-taffy cart, and no, I have no idea either). Dawson asks what he should do. Joey shrugs: "Your call." Dawson decides to put his other foot dead in it, and Joey registers doubt, but Dawson sort of says "what the hell" and asks if he can "bag on" Joey, and she says, "Yeah, you can bag," and he asks her to wish him luck, and she says, "Good luck, Dawson. I hope you get your kiss."

Joey walks in another direction as Dawson shyly approaches Jen. Jen looks out over the moonlit water. Silence for a moment; then Jen says over her shoulder, "I'm beginning to feel like your TV set." Huh? Dawson, apologetically: "I didn't know what to say." Jen, snidely: "A first." She turns around, inhales, and tells him, "I am really angry, Dawson." That strikes me as a strange reaction -- "weirded out" I could see, but "really angry" doesn't seem warranted. Dawson just murmurs, "I know." Jen asks what he wants from her, and Dawson says, with an air of offended entitlement, "I want to know what's going on between us." Jen, pre-crying, asks if he wants that question answered tonight, and Dawson apologizes for his earlier behavior, saying, "I got scared -- scared I was becoming the friend," and Jen says very sarcastically, "Oh god, the friend, how awful," and Dawson lectures her, "It is awful. I feel like I'm becoming that friend who you come over and tell all your boy adventures to." Um, Dawson? Like, SHUT UP! No such luck; Dawson announces, "I want to be your boy adventure." They both look over at a couple toasting each other on a schooner. Jen asks impatiently, "Can't you be both?" Dawson says no, he can't, "not at fifteen," because "it's too complicated." "Okay," Jen says, "So I'm interested." "In what?" Dawson asks. "In an adventure," Jen smolders. Next to me on the couch, Mr. Stupidhead politely inquires whether I have a fork he can borrow. Jen asks, "What do I have to do?" Dawson suggests, "You could kiss me." Jen responds, "I'd rather eat glass." Oh, wait, that was my response -- sorry. Jen actually snorts, smirks, smiles, then turns her back on Dawson and leans on the railing, and as Dawson closes his eyes at the sting of rejection, Jen describes herself as "a cliché," saying, "In New York, I was moving fast, I was moving really really fast, so fast I kept stumbling and falling," and she says that since coming to Capeside, for the first time in a long time, she is "walking at a steady pace," and she's afraid that if she kisses Dawson, her knees will buckle blah blah blah stumble again blah blah blah "don't know if can handle it now" blah blah blah fishcakes. Dawson clearly doesn't view this as an acceptable excuse, and he looks over at the couple on the schooner again, who have now gotten up to dance together, and Jen looks too, and then she invites Dawson to dance. "Here? Right now?" asks Rico Leery. Jen says she's wanted to dance with him all night. They dance, and Jen explains that "the kiss is just the end result, it's not what's important. It's all about desire and wanting." "And romance," Dawson adds, as Jen strokes his cheek with one cloven hoof and assents, "And romance." Jen rests her head on Dawson's shoulder. Joey appears from behind a tree and watches them with a look of heartbroken longing on her face, and the camera zooms in on her hunching her shoulders miserably, and Dawson and Jen dance some more, and Julia Roberts strolls over from the set of Pretty Woman and asks Jen if she can have her outfit back.

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