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Double Date

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Double Date

Props to Liz, Kim, owen, Pamie, and Sars.

Previously on Dawson's Creek, Joey didn't want to kiss Pacey for Dawson's crappy movie; Jen wanted to try life on her own; the Flash told his Bride that they'd never tried "swinging or spouse-swapping [YET]," and asked whether those wouldn't be more in line with her "recreational tastes," causing her to ask when he was going to stop punishing her, and him to put on his Clark Kent glasses and reply, "When it stops hurting"; Dawson told Pacey there was a difference between friendship and love, and that Joey was one thing and Jen another.

Fade up on the Bran Boudoir, where Dawson "Dead Wood" Leery is telling Joey "Spine and Dandy" Potter that in the two weeks since he and Jen broke up, Jen has made no effort to get together with him, and asking if Joey thinks that's odd, because it seems odd to him. Joey reminds him that Jen is the one who broke up with him. Dawson is aware, but says that there's "a certain way to handle these things," and he thought Jen would hold herself to "that standard." I'm wondering on what Dawson is basing this theory, given that Jen is the first girlfriend he has ever had. Joey chuckles and points out that Dawson sounds not like someone who's disappointed in Jen's "break-up etiquette," but someone who's having a hard time accepting the fact that it's over. Dawson crumples theatrically with a muffled near-sob and falls on the bed beside Joey. She leans over him and tells him that he has to adjust to the reality of life after Jen. Dawson mutters, "Something tells me Joey has a theory." Uh, considering she's about the only person in town who'll still tolerate your whiny ass, you might think twice about patronizing Joey, there, Product 19. Joey does; she says there are three main areas to focus on. The first is public perception: "From now until the end of the semester, you'll be known as the guy Jen dropped. Most girls will view you as tainted goods, and of course there'll be the few who feel incredibly sorry for you and offer this certain kind of sympathy. My advice: avoid them." My guess is that those girls are in the special ed class. The second front Dawson needs to work on is other guys: "You have to be prepared for the possibility that Jen will begin dating again. Seeing her around school with her new boyfriend, watching her from this very window as she pauses coyly by her garden gate and accepts a goodnight kiss from a guy you feel physically and intellectually superior to in every way and you can't possibly --" Dawson cuts off this description (clearly much informed by Joey's own experience of watching Dawson and Jen) to ask what the third thing is. Joey says, "You and Jen....The inevitable conversation which, frankly, I'm surprised you haven't had yet. You know, she'll ask you if you think the two of you can be friends again -- because she'd really like that, if you could -- and you say...?" He says nothing, so she prompts him again, but he says he doesn't know: "I want to be her friend, but then again, I don't! I mean, how can you simply be friends with someone when every time you look at them [sic], all you think about is how much more you really want?" Joey smirks ruefully and says she's no expert, but she thinks it can be done. He says nothing. She gazes at him soulfully. Bah.

Open up your morning light, and say a little prayer for me.

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