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Double Date

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Double Date

The next scene has Dawson asking Mary Beth -- who is reading Erica Jong's Fear of Flying -- to the carnival on Saturday. Mary Beth, before you accept, I feel it's my duty to inform you that Dawson is incapable of anything residing in the same zip code as a "zipless fuck." She looks astonished (which is an interesting choice considering her other options could have been "horrified" or "derisive" or "nauseated"), but she recovers her composure and says that she knows Dawson just broke up with Jen, and that it's "a common mistake made by many people" to start dating again, after a break-up, before they're ready. Dawson assures her that he's completely ready. She hesitates a moment before smiling. Since the scene cuts there, I'll assume that constitutes her acceptance -- and, simultaneously, her funeral.

Joey regards snails in an aquarium in Dr. Rand's office. Pacey complains that he's bored. Joey says it's designed not to be fascinating, but to be educational. Pacey: Lame joke. Joey: If you don't do well on this project, you'll end up in summer school. Pacey: Only morons go to summer school. Joey: Your grade is F- at the moment, so pipe down and start helping.

The Flash, dressed quite nicely (though inexplicably) in a dark business suit, steps into the Sanctum Dawsonorum, where Dawson seems to be painting a model. Ahem, cough, GEEK, snif. The Flash asks if anyone called that the Flash should know about. Without looking up, Dawson says no. Trying unsuccessfully to sound casual, the Flash asks if anyone had called yesterday. Dawson says that he always leaves the Flash's messages on a pad beside the answering machine. The Flash says, "Forgive me, Dawson. Maybe I'm not being clear. I didn't ask if anyone had called for me personally. I asked if anyone had called that I should know about." Way to implicate your child in your domestic dispute, Father Of The Year. Dawson finally twigs and says, "No. He didn't call." The Flash thanks him and books. I don't know how I managed to forget how boring this plotline was.

The next day, the Leakeys of Capeside have buggered their experiment and all the snail shells are empty. Joey blames Pacey because he was supposed to check on them, and says she's going to go to Dr. Rand and tell him that they can no longer work together. Long story much shorter, Pacey put a snail from another tank into the snails they were studying. Joey tells him that the new snail is carnivorous and must have eaten the old ones. Pacey agrees to do whatever it takes to salvage the experiment. "Whatever" -- that's my line!

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