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Double Date

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Double Date

Dawson and Mary Beth have re-joined Jen and Cliff, and are standing at the foot of the ferris wheel. A free car opens up, and Mary Beth commandeers Cliff and tells him to ride with her because they've "hardly chatted all night." Jen looks annoyed. Heh.

At Bessie's Bastard Barn, Joey and Pacey have changed into dry clothes. Pacey reminds her that she never answered his question of how well she did on the midterm. He adds that he knows she's a little embarrassed, so to "remove the stigma," he tells her his grade. She demurs, so he offers to guess: "Fifty-eight? Thirty-eight? Eighteen?" Exasperated, she admits, "Ninety-eight." Pacey doesn't understand, and says, "Nine-eight? Which was it, nine or eight?" She says it was both of them. He asks her to explain why she was doing extra credit if her grade was so high. Joey launches into a pretty long-winded monologue that boils down to her being dissatisfied with the circumstances of her life, and recognizing that the only way for her to improve her situation is through academic achievements, so she needs to get the best grades possible in order to win a scholarship and get the hell out of Capeside. Word. Pacey tells her that she'll make it out of Capeside, and when she does, she can send him postcards in care of wherever he's tending bar. Joey tells him that he'll get out too. The scene was actually very sweet, and captured the intimacy and mutual respect that would underlie a relationship of that many years' standing -- even a relationship that tended to be adversarial.

On the ferris wheel, Dawson is asking Jen if she's having a good time. She says she is. The wheel stops with them at the top (of course).

In their car, Mary Beth is looking anxious and Cliff is looking grouchy. Mary Beth says, "You know what I find fascinating is that the word [sic] 'flammable' and 'inflammable' mean the exact same thing. Isn't that bizarre?" Hee! Cliff says nothing.

Dawson tells Jen that she and Cliff seem "pretty together." Jen says that she wouldn't say that -- she'd just say they're on a date, and getting to know each other, and adds that she doesn't want to talk about it with Dawson anymore. Well, it's about damn time, Blondie. She says she knows she made a big deal about her wish to remain friends with him, but that now she wants to retract that offer. Dawson angrily asks what that's supposed to mean. From where I sit, it sounds like it means "duh." She tells him that he shouldn't be there; she doesn't know why he wanted to be there, or why she said it was okay, but at this point it looks like "a seamless transition into friendship" is not in the cards for them. He pouts, "I'm not sure you'd have time for it anyhow, what with your hectic dating schedule and whatnot." Jen looks betrayed, and says that she'd love it if they could get off this ferris wheel without insulting each other any further. Dawson gets his bitch on and starts ranting, "Oh, am I insulting you, Jen? Is that what I'm doing? Because, you know, that's not my intent. My intent -- since we suddenly seem to have the time for it -- is to ask for one small clarification...When you broke up with me, among the many questions that I asked you was why. Do you remember that? And do you remember your response -- your very convincing, very heartfelt response? It was, you needed to be alone -- that there were too many men in your life, and that you needed time away from those men. And correct me if I'm wrong, but Cliff Elliot is not exactly with the women's auxiliary."

First of all, I don't know what is up with that "women's auxiliary" bit. And second, Dawson, if you knew the meaning of the word "tact," then you would know that Jen might have been trying to exercise it when she told you her reason for dumping you, when the more accurate response would have been that she needed a lot of both time and distance away from your ass. Jen says that she's on a date with Cliff, and that it doesn't mean they have a future. Dawson angrily asks why she didn't just tell him the truth that he's only figured out now: "That you weren't tired of men -- you were just simply tired of me." Uh. What did I say? Jen protests that he's wrong, and Dawson yells at her some more -- because that's the way to win a girl over -- that she should prove him wrong by looking him in the eye and telling him that he completely misread the situation. Jen says she doesn't want to "do this right now." Dawson says that Jen asked him two questions before, and that he'd like to answer them. He says that the reason he's there is "for all the obvious reasons, Jen -- for all the clich├ęs about the ex-boyfriend who's still hung up on his ex, who doesn't want to say goodbye, who can't let go." Who is, in other words, a stalker? He goes on to ask why she allowed him to come. With the classic Dawson Leery smirk of pig-headed self-confidence, he suggests: "Could it be -- could it possibly be -- that your reasons are the same as mine? That you need me just as much as I need you?" Jen exhales, and doesn't answer. Dawson says, "Jen?" She finally turns to him and breathes, "Dawson..." Dawson gets it, finally, and turns away, saying, "Just don't tell me that I was wrong." The ferris wheel starts up again. THANK GOD.

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