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To live and die in Capeside

The beach. Dawson is on top of Gretchen. Ew. They make out rather chastely. Phew. There's a pause in the action (ew), and Gretchen whisper-sighs, "I want to make love to you [ew], so much [ew]." Dawson mauls her chin. Ew. "So much," she repeats. Ew. Dawson kisses her neck. Ew. "And I really believe that was why we came here," she says. "But it's not." Dawson takes a break from slobbering on her to stroke her hair and gazed befuddledly into her eyes. Gretchen steels herself and says, "As much as I want you [ew], and I love you [ew], we're not gonna do this." Oh, thank you, Jesus in heaven. "Why not?" Dawson buffoons. When they "go there," she tells him, "it's not gonna be because [he has] something to prove to [himself]. It's gonna be because we love each other [ew], and because we're prepared to show each other what that really means." Okay, despite the cheese factor, that's actually a good rule of thumb -- and I have to give Gretchen a tiny snap for, at the very least, holding up the show until she knows that Dawson won't close his eyes and think of Joey the whole time. Dawson tries to hide his disappointment.

We fade from there into the Cowboy Junkies' "Sweet Jane" montage -- Pacey brooding in the back of the patrol car, and Drue shooting him a sympathetic look.

Joey nervously looking around for Jen beside the track at Grand Central.

Jen in the back seat of a cab in the rain, crying.

Dawson sleeping in a Sun King pose beside the fire, and Gretchen twitching as glycerin runs down her face.

Pacey coming home to his open schoolbooks, and staring sadly into the mirror above his desk.

The PA announcer calling the departure of the train "to Capeside, Massachusetts." Okay, first of all, Amtrak covers New England service, except to southern Connecticut, and Amtrak runs out of Penn Station. I can let that go -- Grand Central is more pleasing to the eye -- but they'd have to take a train up the coast and then probably change for local service on the Cape, and the PA certainly would never call it as the train for Capeside, because, as we've heard endless times before, it's a tiny town. Anyway, Joey continues to wait and look sad and think Jen isn't going to show, and we pan down over the departure board to see Jen, looking wrung out and weaving through the crowd. Joey spots her, and her face relaxes and she raises a hand and mouths, "Hey," and Jen slows for a moment and smiles, glad to see a friendly face. They hug, and then Joey takes Jen's hand and they head for the train. Aw. That's sweet.

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