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To live and die in Capeside

Then we pan-fade back to Tom Frost's office and Jen saying, "So it was good. I needed to go back, and I did. And now I'm done. I got what I needed." Tom Frost snorts that she knows she's not done, "not even close"; she's just "opened this door," and the two of them need to go through it together. Or something like that. Jen shakes her head dismissively and tells him that she's "finished," and when he tries to argue again, she cuts him off: "Tom, I get it. I do, and I appreciate it, and I'm -- I'm really glad we could do this, but…I don't have anything else to say." Tom Frost looks sad, and there's a weird slo-mo shot of him raising a fist to his mouth. Pan out to Jen sitting on the couch. Cut to her picking up her bag. Cut to her hoisting her bag over her shoulder and turning to say goodbye -- all in slo-mo. She smiles and whispers, "See you around." Tom Frost, fist still at his mouth, extends his fingers by way of goodbye, and his hand shakes a little. Jen goes, and the episode ends on a shot of her closing the door behind her. Because -- oh, right. You get it.

Next week: Joey is late. Sars is already drunk.

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