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To live and die in Capeside

Different credits, no Meredith Monroe. Huh?

God, The Forsaken looks bad, bad, bad. I can't wait to see it.

Slow pan in close-up around Jen "Father And Child Reunion" Lindley, looking wistful, as Tom "My Husband" Frost comments in the background, "You're very quiet today." She says she's sorry. "Don't be -- tell me what's on your mind." Jen doesn't think it's important, but Tom Frost says, "We'll see." Jen thinks for a second, then asks Tom Frost if he knows the song "Sweet Jane." "Hmmm, 'Sweet Jane' -- Cowboy Junkies?" he asks, and as Demian and others have so astutely pointed out, it's hard to believe that Tom Frost wouldn't know that Lou Reed did the original version of the song, but Jen corrects Tom Frost somewhat absently and says that the song is stuck in her head, and she used to really love it and "learned it by heart."

Fade to Grand Central Station -- the real one, not a set -- where Jen and Joey "No Refund, No Exchange" Potter walk through the main hall and Joey babbles on about a schedule and blah, and they have to split up and then meet for a dinner of exposition sushi at eight and blah, and shouldn't they plan ahead so that Jen can find her way through "the maze that is Greenwich Village" and blah, and "this is a very, very fast-paced city" and blah blah blah. Slooooooow pan up to the high windows of Grand Central. Loooooong establishing shot of skyscrapers. Chrysler Building. Joey looking around in wonderment. Crucial elements of plot getting sacrificed on the altar of New York scenery.

Drue "Carey" Valentine wanders into a classroom to find "Setting The" Pacey Witter working at a desk. He asks what Pacey's doing there. Pacey snips that he heard Drue would be there, and he didn't want to miss a "morsel" of Drue's "flamboyant wit," whatever that's supposed to mean. Drue tells a tiresome, overly florid story about why he's there; long story short, he's a discipline case with too many tardies, which I think we could have figured out on our own. Pacey tries to shoo him away by saying that he's taking a quiz that's, you know, actually really a test, and then he has a lot of studying to do, but Drue interrupts to suggest that, after Pacey takes his quiz/test/whatever and their attendance "is duly noted," they blow off afternoon classes and "go get dangerous." Oh, please. Who wrote this dialogue, Prince? "Boy, that sounds real tempting, but no," Pacey snarks. Drue takes a rated-PG page from Risky Business and tells Pacey that sometimes he just has to "say 'what the hell' and live a little." Pacey rolls his eyes and says that, tomorrow, he's got another test that's "twice as big" as the one he's taking now, so, basically, Drue can get bent. Drue says, "It does make you wonder, though." No, it doesn't, Drue. Shut up. Alas, Pacey takes the bait, snapping, "Wonder what?" What Joey's doing while Pacey "rot[s] away in academic prison." On that note, Drue leaves. Pacey bites his lip.

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