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To live and die in Capeside

ZZ Top-esque chords escort us into a mad montage of Manhattan clips, just to make sure we know that it's a crazy city that moves really really fast. Because we've never seen a movie before. Or a TV show. Or read a book. Or heard of New York City. Because we live in the Mariana Trench. Cut to Jen and Joey entering what looks like a café, and a guy with dreads says incredulously, "Jen Lindley?" and they hug; Jen's so glad he's there, and she introduces him to Joey as "Typo." He has a funky name, because he lives in Manhattan, and that confers funkiness upon him. See? Do you see? DO YOU? Jen hugs Typo again, and tells Joey that he's "one of the very best people in a city of twelve million." Um, writers? New York has eight and a half million residents, not twelve. Newborn babies know that. Anyway, as Joey looks overwhelmed by the big-city-ness of it all, Typo asks what brings them to town, and Jen explains that Joey's taking care of her: "She's my keeper." Typo says Jen "always needed one of those." Jen adds that Joey's never seen New York before, and Typo exclaims over the shame of that and doesn't know where Joey could possibly buy her clothes, which made me laugh. The three of them sit down, and Jen pumps Typo for the gossip, asking if anyone got married or pregnant or died, like, she's seventeen! It's not a fifth college reunion, for god's sake. Typo blathers that everyone's still there, that they don't see some people much anymore, that he still meets "Ben and Monica for lunch at Barney Greengrass on Wednesdays." Okay, that really sounds like college-reunion talk -- and it's ludicrous. High-school students do not "do lunch," in Manhattan or anywhere else, on a school day. It's New York, not a Jackie Collins novel, "writers." Jen says happily that that day is Wednesday, and she can't wait for Joey to see Barney Greengrass, which I don't think opened for business until after Jen had left the city, but whatever -- Joey nags her about her appointment with the admissions officer at UNY, and Jen tells Typo that she got in. Typo asks if it's possible that they'll "get [her] back" to New York, and Jen says with false cheer that she's "contemplating it," and asks what he thinks. "Dumb question," he snorts. Joey reminds her that it's far away from home, and then says that she can't believe there's any debate about whether Jen will go back, and those two statements don't really go together, but Jen ignores the weird phrasing and cracks the old "you can't go home again" chestnut instead. Joey gives her a smiling "okay, whatever you say" look. Jen looks around ruefully.

Capeside High. A teacher enters and hails Pacey as his "favorite and only senior." Aw, poor Pacey. The teacher expositions that he thinks all the college acceptance letters have gone out, and inconsiderately asks about Pacey's "options," which Pacey describes grimly as "narrowing by the minute." As the rest of the class begins filing in -- and I don't get that. Does Pacey take classes with the juniors now to make up work? Maybe they could have cut one of the umpteen montages in this episode and given us a bit of backstory here -- the teacher hands out "the first quiz of the rest of [Pacey's] life," and Pacey and I both give him a flat "that's really really not funny, at all" stare.

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