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To live and die in Capeside

Roadside. The Dawsonmobile has caught a flat. Cue The Clarinet Of Non-Wacky Misadventures as we find out that Dawson doesn't have a spare tire. Gretchen bitches at him, but not unkindly, and then says that she's "excited" about it, because it's this kind of "unforeseen complication" that makes it "an adventure and not just an excursion," like, thanks for that, Hunter S. Trampson, but it's a flat tire, not a zig-zag-wanderer call to arms, so get back on the Dead bus and shut up. No such luck -- she grabs Dawson and lays one on him. "What was that for?" "Inspiration," she smarms. God, Gretchen -- shut up. Gretchen tells him to hide behind the car so that they can hitch a ride, because people won't pick up "a babe and her boyfriend," but Dawson ixnays the hitching idea with a reasonably funny Rutger Hauer reference. "Well, what then?" Gretchen asks. Dawson spots a sign that says "Willowby, ME 6 miles" on it and shrugs, "Walking distance." He talks Gretchen into it, and off they go on the ankle express.

School. The rest of the class passes their tests forward as Pacey scribbles madly, trying to finish. Finally, when the teacher comes to loom over him, he reluctantly turns in the quiz, and fiddles with his pencil glumly as the rest of the class gathers up their things and makes to leave.

St. Mark's Place in the East Village. Wow, nice location. It's not really close to NYU, but my brother lives nearby and he's an undergrad there, so I'll let it slide. Joey quizzes Jen on the admissions officer's name, which Jen has apparently mangled in about seven different ways over the course of the day; this goes on and on, and on, and on some more, and moments before the sun caves in on itself and collapses the rest of the entire solar system into its density field, we finally get to the point -- namely, that Joey thinks Jen doesn't have an appointment at UNY at all. Jen slides her eyes to one side by way of acknowledgement. Joey asks diffidently, "What are we doing here?" Jen looks like she might cry as she sighs, "I gotta see my dad." Michelle Williams's hair looks incredible, by the way. Jen explains that she's done some thinking lately about "why things are the way they are," and she won't know until she sees her father. Joey looks concerned as Jen encourages her to "take in the city" because she's only got one day and lots of things to see, and not to worry, "I'll be fine, most likely." She'll meet Joey at eight at the Mercer Hotel for dinner. Joey smiles and says that Jen paid attention to her anal-retentive schedule after all. Jen just smiles back and tells her to "be careful out there," but as she starts to walk past Joey, Joey frowns and calls out that she feels like she's not going to see Jen again. "You will," Jen says quietly, and heads off. Joey thinks it over, frowns again, and turns to yell, "Yeah, I will." She runs to catch up with Jen; she's coming with. "I'm your keeper," she says, taking Jen's arm. Aw. I wish these two had become friends sooner…and with more lead-up, but hey, I'll take what I can get.

If it's wrong to walk around imitating the Lipton commercial where the claymation Rocky Balboa is all, "Yo -- that's brisk, baby!" then I don't want to be right.

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