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To live and die in Capeside

Loooong pan of small-town Maine quaintness -- just how short did the original cut of this episode run, anyway? Did they only have twenty-eight minutes of footage or something? -- as The Folksy Guitar Of Small-Town Folksy Quaint Small-Townitude plucks away on the soundtrack. Twilight Zone snark from Dawson. Whatever -- you live in Capeside. You constantly refer to the smallness of Capeside. It's not like Willowby is that much smaller than where you live. So shut up. Anyway, Dawson and Gretchen have a quaint encounter with Irv, the proprietor of Irv's Garage. Exactly how quaint, you might ask? Well, Irv -- an Andy Griffith manqué -- has named his ancient truck "Eleanor Roosevelt." Yo -- that's quaint, baby! Turns out Irv can't help them tow the Jeep in, because Eleanor Roosevelt is having carburetor trouble, and he can't drive them in another car either because…oh, who gives a crap. Here's the short version: Dawson offers to help fix Eleanor Roosevelt, and then Irv can give them a ride back to Dawson's Jeep. Gretchen makes an unfunny joke about loving a man who smells like motor oil -- and she should know, since Dawson ordinarily wears a good pint of it on his head -- and wanders off to get food.

Jen and Joey get off the elevator in a posh office building. A sign on the door reads "Warner Saks Lindley Venture Group." Jen barges determinedly towards said door, but Joey stops her, reminding her that "urgent realization and revelation" (fuh?) brought Jen to New York to see, and confront, her father. Joey has a feeling that it'll "be one of the seminal moments in [Jen's] entire life," and she's "been there…or at least close enough to know that it only happens once," so Jen should take a moment to "think about what that's gonna be." Jen nods thoughtfully.

Capeside cafeteria. Pacey's poignant situation is brought home to us by the frustratingly empty ketchup bottle at his table, where he sits sad and alone. The ketchup bottle makes one last flizzorrrrpptt sound to symbolize how empty Pacey feels -- do you get it? Because I can go over it again. No? You sure? Okay. Pacey glares over at Drue, who's chatting up a couple of blondes about the quiz at a nearby table. Drue looks over, smiling sleazily. Pacey makes an almost imperceptible "let's blow this joint" motion with his head, and Drue nods back at him.

Office bathroom, where Jen splashes water on her face and Joey sits on the sink, looking concerned again. Jen blots her face. Joey asks quietly, "Jen…what happened to you?" Jen, close to tears again, says that she used to hate Capeside as a kid; Grams terrified her, and whenever her mother decided to go visit, Jen "just completely didn't want to go." One time when Jen was twelve, on a Friday, her mother planned to bring her to Capeside, and her father "had all this work to do" so he didn't go, and Jen fought and complained all the way to the train station, but for some reason, Jen's mother let her off the hook and told her to go home and spend the weekend with her dad. Jen, leaning against a stall partition now, struggles not to cry as she goes on to say that it shocked her that she'd won the argument, that she'd gotten out of going to Capeside and could spend a whole weekend with her father; Joey listens, and when Jen gets to the part about spending a whole weekend with her dad, Joey smiles regretfully, probably thinking about her own father. Jen starts to say, "I really loved my dad, but --" and then someone else comes in to use the ladies', so the girls exchange a "we'll do this later" look and grab their bags to leave. Good acting by both actresses there.

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