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Final Destination

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Final Destination
Rothbale reads his remarks. He's a terrible public speaker. He rambles on about not forecasting the hour of death. As he speaks, we cut to Rothbale in the bathroom, attending to some personal grooming. Ominous crickets. Ominous breeze. Ominous taking of ominous crap. Water drips from a joint in the toilet plumbing. Ominous crap. Ominous strings. Alex's house. Ominous fan. Alex has gotten a bunch of air-disasters books from the library. He's doing research. A model plane hangs from the ceiling. His blubbery lips blubber broodsomely. Alex digs a Penthouse out of a drawer to distract himself. Shout-out? Rothbale decides to shave. He whacks at his neck with a dry razor -- the hell? -- and cuts himself as blue toilet water creeps towards his feet. Shave. Creep. Rothbale decides to clip his nose hairs. Creep. Nostril-cam. Creep. He plugs in the boom box. John Denver. He yanks the plug out. Creep. Alex hears rustling. An owl lands on his windowsill. He throws the porno mag at the window to drive the owl away, and the mag gets chopped up in the ominous fan, and a scrap of paper lands on his leg that reads "Tod" (that's Rothbale's real name). Oooh, scary. So scary, in fact, that I need cookies. Rothbale gets strangled by a lingerie line hanging in the bathtub while his father slumbers downstairs. I would explain how, but I don't care, and believe me when I tell you, it's not worth the trouble it would take to type it out. Kicking. Gargling. Eyeball reddening. Can't…reach…nose hair…scissors. Finally, he dies. Sad crickets of death. The creeping blue water retreats; its work here is done. Take me with you, creeping blue water! Alex runs over to Rothbale's house and finds the paramedics there. The FBI's there too. Henchguy glares at him. From behind a tree, Brown Ali copies the pout her acting coach uses to look worried and hisses, "Alex, get outta here." Mr. Rothbale blames Alex for Rothbale's "suicide." Alex blubbers. Mrs. Rothbale sobs unconvincingly. Henchguy nods judgmentally. Okay, does everyone get what's happening here? Death wants them all? Got it? Alex goes over to Brown Ali's house the next day. A scary green leaf falls in his path as he reaches her garage; he stops short, and ominous strings signal the leaf's…something. I don't know what they signal. It's a fucking leaf, people. It's not even a dead leaf. Brown Ali pauses in her metalworking -- no, seriously. 'Cause, you know, she's artsy and whatnot, as you can tell from the brown hair and black attire -- to deliver a short monologue on the seasons and how "everything's always in transition." Alex wants to know why she went over to Rothbale Manor last night. She talks about the FBI investigating them and they have suspicions and blah blah. Alex asks again, "Why were you there last night?" Brown Ali shows him the metal "portrait" she's made of him and yammers on about how the sculpture doesn't know why or what it is -- "it's reluctant to take form." She says something about "incomprehensible attraction," and then says all accusatorily that in four years, she and Alex never said one word to each other, but on the plane, she felt what he felt; she didn't know where it was coming from until he started freaking out. "I didn't see what you saw," she says, going all whispery, "but I. Felt. It." Alex tries to keep his lips from jutting out quite so far. Brown Ali says she knows that something from that day "is still with" him. She knows because she can "still feel" him. They vibe at each other. Brown Ali says that's why she went to Rothbale Manor. Alex walks away, saying he's never dealt with death before. He feels like it's all around them. What if Rothbale's just the first of the survivors to go? If only he could see Rothbale one more time, he'd know. "Then let's go see him," Brown Ali says, furrowing her eyebrows in an approximation of "naughty."

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