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So Dawson stutters out a laughing "oh" before admitting, "I'm sorry -- that was a sigh of relief you just heard." Oh, Dawson. You had me, kind of, and then you lost me. You don't SAY these things OUT LOUD, buddy! You just DON'T! Jesus! Quit while you're behind already! AND SHUT UP! Joey looks like she might cry, but tries to cover it with a smile. Dawson starts to babble something, but Joey fixes him with a look and says, "Ah...well, goodnight." "Goodnight, Jo," Dawson says, nearly panting with relief that he's not the only virgin in Capeside -- or so he thinks. Long shot of Joey slowly walking away. Dawson watches her for a moment, then walks off in the opposite direction. Zoom out from the Rialto; the shot goes to black-and-white. Yuck. I need a shower.

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Dawson's Creek




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