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Full Moon Rising

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Full Moon Rising

Joey climbs up the Forbidden Ladder to the Sanctum Dawsonorum, followed by Dawson, who says, "You were so right about that moon," and Joey says, "Yeah?" As they get to the roof, Dawson asks, "Hey, can we just -- just -- sit outside, for a couple minutes?" With the Full Moon Of Completely Unsubtle Portent reflected in the window above her, Joey wonders, "Are you okay? You seem a little spooked," and Dawson just doesn't want to go back in the house, which he says is "like the House Of Despair," and they walk over to the edge of the roof holding hands and sit down still holding hands, like, how very high-school, and Joey begins, "Dawson, um, I had a really weird night too," but Dawson doesn't want to hear about any problems but his own and cuts her off with, "You know, let's just forget about everything, okay?" and stares at Joey as though she has all the answers, and Joey looks at Dawson as though she has just noticed the rhomboid shape of his head, and Dawson goes on, "All I want to do -- for the rest of this godforsaken night is just look at your face in the moonlight, because that's the only thing that matters to me," and Joey smiles a non-smile with one side of her mouth and closes her eyes, and they kiss, and Dawson leans his forehead against Joey's with his eyebrows knitted sadly, and Joey looks away from him, thinking about something else.

Dawson looks up at the moon, and recovering his buck-up-little-camper equilibrium he whispers, "Hey, look up in the sky." As the Full Moon Of Completely Unsubtle Portent appears in the shot above them, Dawson says into Joey's ear, "What do you see?" Joey tries not to laugh at Dawson's dorquettishness (tm Wing) and guesses, "The moon?" There follows a wretchedly goofy and unfunny back-and-forth about the man in the moon, and they both laugh. Whatever. They kiss, and just as the lip-mic feedback starts coming in, Joey stops him and says, "Dawson, look, I," but she sees the puppyish expression of besottedness on Dawson's face and doesn't confess herself, saying instead, "...think you're right. It's a really beautiful moon," and looks determinedly at it instead of at Dawson's hypnotized gaze of undying love. At this point, the Heavy-Handed Black Cloud Of Metaphor begins to creep across the Full Moon Of Completely Unsubtle Portent.

In the master bedroom of the Scarlet A Ranch, Gale sits in a giant naugahyde armchair, staring at the Full Moon Of Completely Unsubtle Portent. The Flash, hands in pockets, strolls in entirely too casually and informs her, "Our guests have jumped ship." Gee, I wonder where they got that idea -- from The Flash's wholesale abandonment of his marriage, perhaps? He sits down on one arm of the armchair and waits for Gale to say something, which she finally does: "It's time, Mitch." He answers, "I know." Gale's eyes fill with tears as she asks, "So -- do you want me to," but The Flash shakes his head and says, "I'll go," and Gale heaves a shuddering sigh and the crepe on her neck jiggles, and The Flash glares out the window at the Full Moon Of Completely Unsubtle Portent outside, and can the director please sit down with John Wesley Shipp and explain to him that, in a scene in which his character's marriage has just collapsed in on itself, a muscle spasm in his jaw and a "who farted" facial expression will not get it done in terms of acting? Oh, and yes, WE STILL GET IT.

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