Dawson's Creek
Full Moon Rising

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Full Moon Rising

As Jewel moans in the background, Joey and Dawson watch the moon, and Dawson with much self-conscious smacking of his lips begins to cry, and Joey strokes his Sam-The-Eagle hair and hugs him; Jack sits on top of the Icehouse and studies the mysterious napkin and looks up at the Full Moon Of Completely Unsubtle Portent; Pacey rocks Andie in the moonlit kitchen of McPhee Manor; The Flash lies on a couch with one hand resting on his rock-hard abs and stares up at the rotating blades of a ceiling fan; Gale rocks in the wicker swing on the front porch of the Scarlet A Ranch (known henceforth as the No-Fault Hacienda); Jen pities herself some more and bites her lip and lets glycerin roll down her cheek on the front steps of Casa Grams; back to Dawson and Joey, as Joey kisses Dawson and rests her chin on his head and Dawson rests his box of Post Toasties on her chest, and as Jewel wails, "I will get down on my knees / I will pray," the Heavy-Handed Black Cloud Of Metaphor covers and blocks out the Full Moon Of Completely Unsubtle Portent.

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