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Full Moon Rising

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Full Moon Rising

Over TaMAHra's shoulder, we see Jen "The Other White Meat" Lindley strolling down the street as Vincent, a.k.a. "Billy Budd," flags her down and says, "Hey, Jen," and she says, "Hi," and he asks her how's it going and where her "evil other half" is, and Jen says, "Abby -- Abby and I are in a trial separation period right now," and Billy Budd says, "Lucky you," and then he says, "Jennifer, I'm desperate [again, no comment], you gotta help me -- what goes on in this town?" Jen truthfully says, "Not much." Billy Budd tells her, "You know, I've been here a week now, and you're the first breath of fresh air that's blown through," and as Jen makes a skeptical "whatever" face, Billy Budd continues, "And you probably think I'm flirting with you," and Jen says, "And you're not?" and Billy Budd admits, "I am. I thought I would acknowledge it and smooth things out a little," and Jen says, "It helped -- a little," and keeps on walking, and apparently Jen has gone on a no-cereal diet because her "love" for Dawson seems to have evaporated completely. Billy Budd follows her and asks her to bear with him blah blah blah "not very good at this" blah blah blah "at sea for the last eighteen days with a bunch of ill-mannered drunken idiots" blah blah blah "the simple pleasures of life" blah blah blah fishcakes (tm Niamh). Jen asks which simple pleasures he means, and Billy Budd replies, "Conversations that don't offend my mother's virtue with four-letter words, and -- a hot cup of ground-roast coffee? So, uh, please, if you have any compassion for the working man, say you'll show me the gentler side of Capeside," and can I just ask who hired Herman Melville as a script editor for this episode, because Vincent's whole Victorian please-tame-my-wild-masculine-beast-o-flower-of-femininity routine really bores me. Anyway, they make a date for 7:30 and Jen gives Billy Budd the address and she walks off making that patented teenage-girl psyched-in-spite-of-herself face.

As Jen and her blue-spectrum slim-skirt sashay out of the shot, Andie "Dexatrim" McPhee cruises into the frame and across the sidewalk and smiles a weird smile sort of in the direction of Billy Budd and walks into the video store. Behind the counter, Pacey "Only My Hairdresser Knows For Sure" Witter is watching a porno, which we deduce from the squealing coming from the TV and the smirk of appreciation on Pacey's face, but when he sees Andie he shuts off the porno in a hurry and says oh-so nonchalantly, "Well, if it isn't Little Miss McPhee," and asks if he can help her, and Andie says no thanks, she can help herself, so "why don't you go back to your 'Debbie Does Dallas.'" Pacey corrects her, "It's 'Jacuzzi Floozies,' actually," and they have a so-called witty exchange about porn movie titles, and Andie insults Pacey, and Pacey says, "You know, McPhee, we really should just bite the bullet." Andie: "Meaning?" Pacey: "All this verbal sparring we've been doing is getting a little dangerous, so we should just go out on a date before somebody gets hurt." Andie: "Forget it." Pacey: "Come on -- you know you want to." Andie: "Well, maybe if I was asked politely." Pacey, squirming and trying not to laugh: "Okay. Andie, would you like to go on a date with me tonight?" Andie, oh-so nonchalantly: "Okay." Pacey: "Try not to sound too enthused." Andie, perkily: "I'll try to restrain myself. So where are we going?" Pacey suggests the movies because they won't have to interact with each other as much, Andie agrees, Pacey says he'll pick her up at 7:30 and asks where she lives, Andie gets flustered and suggests meeting at the movies, Pacey says it's okay, he can pick her up, Andie gets more flustered and suggests meeting at the Icehouse on "neutral ground," Pacey tells her that her house is on his way, Andie says, "Maybe we shouldn't do this," Pacey tells her not to "wuss out on [him] now," and Andie reluctantly gives in and says, "Okay, um, 7:30, see you there, don't be late," and books on out of the video store with her ponytail flipping back and forth, and okay, Andie has something to hide, I THINK WE GET IT, and Pacey looks puzzled and then smiles and says to himself, "Cool," and Andie emerges onto the street with a big old grin on her face. Aw.

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