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Full Moon Rising

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Full Moon Rising

Over at the Scarlet A Ranch, Gale "Best Of Breed" Leery in a shorter and even more poodle-icious hairdo bustles around the kitchen while Dawson and Joey study or something at the kitchen table. Enter The Flash, who asks Gale, "What is with the Betty Crocker routine?" Gale has invited a visiting reporter over for dinner instead of taking him out. The Flash repeats the word "him" with great suspicion. Gale says something about a "roamer affiliate," about which I have no comment. The Flash opens the fridge while musing that "it's Saturday, Gale. That sounds more like a Thursday night excursion." Dawson wants to know, "What are Thursdays?" Good question, Dawson. An even better question: if The Flash suggested the open-marriage idea in the first place, what exactly gives him the right to bust on Gale for taking advantage of it? A better question still: who considers this an appropriate conversation to have IN FRONT OF THEIR KID? Gale says it's "work," and The Flash says, "You know, somehow, the fact that he's a co-worker doesn't provide me much comfort -- I wonder why?" as he drinks his bottled water. Dawson and Joey look very uncomfortable as Gale finally sticks up for herself: "At least I have co-workers." The Flash: "Meaning?" Gale: "Meaning, I work, therefore I have co-workers." Ouch.

The Flash tells her she can do better than that as Joey gathers up her things to get the hell out of there, and Dawson says he'll go with her, and they leave the kitchen as The Flash and Gale snipe at each other in the background, and Dawson says, "That Thursday-night stuff again -- my parents are scaring the hell out of me," and Joey reassures him by blaming it on the full moon and kissing him goodbye, and then The Flash blows past Dawson and Dawson tries to ask him about Thursday nights but The Flash cuts him off with "not now, Dawson" and stomps up the stairs, and Dawson watches him go, and I would advise The Flash to keep climbing, the better to get over himself. Cut to Full Moon Of Completely Unsubtle Portent as it rises into the evening sky. Yes, I do believe that WE GET IT.

Do we need another movie starring Jonathan Taylor Thomas? I don't think so. Do we need another 10-10-Go-Away ad? I don't think so.

Cut to Jen applying lipstick in front of her mirror in preparation for her coffee date with Billy Budd. Grams invites Jen once more to come to Bible study with her; Jen says, "I'll pass, Grams." Grams points out that if Jen "ignore[s] the religious ramifications, [she] might find it simply entertaining," which seems to come from a desire just to spend some time with her granddaughter, but Jen assumes that Grams wants to convert her, so with her customary lack of respect for her elders and non-gratitude for her grandmother's hospitality Jen says, "Nice try, Grams," and instead of snapping, "I think the phrase you really want is 'no thank you, Grams, but maybe some other time,' you self-absorbed piglet," Grams only looks disappointed and says, "Well, I won't be late, dear," and leaves the room. Immediately afterwards, someone knocks on the door, and Jen opens it to reveal not Billy Budd but an enraged Abby, who stands on the front stoop and fulminates, "I cannot believe that you would hit me -- me, your best friend," and pushes past Jen into the house without so much as a by-your-leave as Jen says, "Well, need I remind you that in the last two days you have called me a bitch, a slut, and a loser?" Abby and her over-pencilled eyebrows respond, "Yeah -- but I would never hit you." Like, ha ha, not. Jen: "You're warped. Why don't you just go home?" Abby: "Why, is the dork from the docks comin' a-callin'?" and Jen says, "Yes, he is -- see you later," and pushes Abby bodily out of the house, and if she told Abby never to talk to her again, why would she see Abby later?

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