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Full Moon Rising

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Full Moon Rising

Cut to the Scarlet A Ranch and Gale entertaining the visiting reporter in the living room, and the visiting reporter has just finished telling a shaggy-dog story, and Gale has poofed her poodle 'do out even more, and they both have big glasses of white wine in front of them. The doorbell rings, and Gale in her not-really-appropriate-for-a-work-meeting black semi-crocheted minidress answers the door, and behold TaMAHra, who tells Gale she has come to see The Flash, and Gale coldly says, "Oh, really," as The Flash appears behind her and invites TaMAHra in, and TaMAHra has brought over the blueprints for him to look at and apologizes again for "sound[ing] so desperate" (once again, no comment), and The Flash says, "Gale, you've met TaMAHra," and Gale says cattily, "PTA meeting," and The Flash leads TaMAHra into the den as an annoyed Gale closes the door.

Over at the Icehouse, Joey sketches in her sketchbook, and Jack "Not Gay Yet" McPhee makes origami birds, and a lone grizzled customer drinks coffee. Joey bemoans the paltry two dollars and eight cents in the tip cup and wonders why they don't have more customers besides "Mr. Bottomless Cup Of Coffee" on a Saturday night. Jack tells her to "relax -- enjoy the quiet." Jack and his too-small-for-his-body tiny little head get on my nerves. Jack calls Joey on her disdain for waitressing and says that he enjoys all the different "walks of life" he encounters by working in a restaurant, since Cape Cod offers a real cross-section of American culture, particularly in the off-season. Not. It doesn't. Anyway, Jack and his itty bitty little head blather on about "different hopes, different dreams," and Joey more or less says "whatever" and Jack asks Joey, "Why are you so angry?" She says the full moon "has [her] freaked." Jack says, "Not just tonight -- all the time," and gives her a Look Of Deep Meaning as he gets up from the counter and wanders away, presumably to go break some dishes or knock something over, and Joey ponders this. Whatever. Oh, and memo to Jack: either come out or shut up. [Word. -- Wing Chun]

On the front porch of Casa Grams, Billy Budd plays with a porch light as Jen comes out holding his mug of coffee with "just a touch of milk." As the camera pans around Jen's big old hocks sitting down on a wicker bench, Billy Budd says, "It's nice being off the boat for a night." Jen asks, "Do you enjoy that? I mean, being out at sea for such long periods of time?" and Billy Budd says, "Not as much as I enjoy cruising for jailbait, little girl." No, actually, he doesn't really say that. He does, however, admit to something equally sleazy and amoral, namely "saving up for law school," [tee hee! -- Wing Chun] and he leans forward suggestively to explain that his uncle who owns the marina in Bayboro (number of actual towns in Massachusetts named Bayboro: zero) got him the job. An astonished Jen says, "You're gonna be a lawyer?" Billy Budd demurs, "I know, you would have never guessed, would you?" and Jen says "no!" despite the fact that everything about Billy Budd's unctuous and smarmy demeanor practically screams "attorney," and then she stammers an apology because she "[doesn't] mean to be rude," even though she doesn't seem to mind being rude to Grams, and Billy Budd says, "I know. Appearance is everything," and Jen bites her lip and disses herself by saying, "Unfortunate, isn't it?" like, word, and Billy Budd smarms, "Not from where I'm sitting," and as their faces get closer and closer together Jen asks, "Are you flirting with me again?" and Billy Budd offers to stop, and Jen says, "Well, where would the fun be in that?" and Billy Budd says, "That's a good point," and speaking of good points, I challenge you to find any good points in the so-called saucy dialogue in this scene.

At the Scarlet A Ranch, Dawson thunders down the stairs and peeks in on The Flash and TaMAHra in the den, sitting closer together than they need to and discussing the layout of the warehouse for a possible Café Cuckold, and The Flash has his dippy Clark Kent glasses on, and they both have big glasses of white wine in front of them, and then Dawson cuts through the kitchen and peeks in on Gale and the visiting reporter in the living room as they tell more war stories and drink more white wine, and The Flash comes into the kitchen behind Dawson and asks all accusingly, "What are you doing?" and instead of saying, "Watching my parents' marriage disintegrate and waiting in vain for an explanation," Dawson says, "Nothing, nothing," and as Gale offers the visiting reporter another glass of wine, The Flash nonchalantly asks Dawson what Gale is doing, and Dawson says, "Same as you," and Gale comes into the kitchen and asks, "Same as who?" and The Flash says "oh, nothing -- nothing" while pouring himself and TaMAHra more wine. Gale opens fire: "So, Mitch, do you really think that you are going to buy this condemned building to open up a restaurant?" The Flash: "Yes, I do." Gale: "Who are you fooling? It's clear what's going on here." Gale objects to The Flash jumping down her throat for having a guest over and accuses him of hitting on TaMAHra and of letting his "Thursday night escapades" overflow into the weekend, not seeming to care that both of their guests as well as Dawson can hear this outburst, and Dawson interrupts and wants them to explain Thursday nights, and The Flash tells Dawson to go to his room, and Dawson says no, and Gale says, "Honey, now," and Dawson, remembering valuable lessons from the first week of Bad Blocking 101, flaps his arms to denote frustration and leaves the kitchen as The Flash tells Gale, "I'm planning on opening a restaurant. Now, you know this." Gale wants to know how he plans to buy the building; The Flash tells her he got a loan. Gale says, "Well, that's good, because I am getting tired of indulging in [sic] the dreams of a man who can hardly look me in the eye," and cut to the visiting reporter squirming on the couch as The Flash apologizes for "being such a burden to [her]" and says, "While you've been in there playing with Gary or Bobby or whoever it is this evening, I've been indulging [sic] some of my own dreams," and cut to Tamara cringing at the Leery family's misuse of the verb "to indulge" and its adherent prepositions as Gale spits, "And those dreams, they involve Dawson's English teacher," and The Flash nearly shouts, "They involve a damn restaurant -- not everything is about sex, Gale, at least not to me," and hypocrisy, thy name is The Flash, and The Flash storms back into the den and a half-drunk Gale storms back into the living room after grumbling, "Great," and sloshing half a glass of wine onto the cutting board.

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