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Full Moon Rising

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Full Moon Rising

Jen and Billy Budd still kissing, as seen through Abby's binoculars. Abby splutters, "Oh my God!" Behind her, Dawson says, "Abby!" and Abby turns around and gives him her trademark death glare, but Dawson has none of it and says, "Okay, Abby, one more time -- you're in my room because -- why?" like, yeah, really, and Abby gets up and strolls around with her arms folded and says, "Cute room, Dawson," and Dawson snaps, "I'm not asking again," and Abby says, "All right! But you can't tell anyone." Don't worry, Abby, Dawson can keep a secret. Well, all except for the "can keep" part. Abby, disingenuous: "Jen is on a date with this older guy, and quite frankly, I'm concerned." Dawson, unimpressed: "So you're spying on her." Abby, trying to seem sweet: "Well, of course." Dawson, giving voice to the prayers of thousands of viewers: "Go away, Abby." Abby sits down on the bed and says, "Parents getting you down? I heard the screaming." Dawson says, "I think the dead heard." Abby tells him not to worry, that they'll eventually get a divorce and then everything will get better; Dawson asks, "Divorce is better?" and Abby says yes, it made her parents happier and her allowance has quadrupled.

Then Abby slinks onto the bed behind him, saying, "You're so tense, Dawson," and starts giving him a shoulder rub while leaning over him to peer out the window, and I can't tell if she wants to see Jen or if she wants Jen to see her, and she leans her head down and whispers, "Mmm -- you smell good, Dawson," and Dawson says incredulously, "No offense, Abby, but this isn't gonna happen," and Abby asks why and says Joey doesn't have to know, and Dawson shrugs away from her with a grimace, and she pulls him off the bed and says, "All right. Well, then can we just kiss in front of the window so that Jen can see?" At that, Dawson spins her around and pushes her out the window but she won't let it go: "All right, all right -- can you just tell Jen we made out?" Dawson says Jen wouldn't buy it; Abby says Dawson could make it sound believable. Abby stands at the top of the ladder which The Flash took down, but which apparently Dawson put back up, and says, "Just, um, um, tell her that you and Joey have decided to have an open relationship and that you and I hooked up!" Dawson closes the window in Abby's face, but not before the Thursday Night Red Light Bulb goes off over his head and he heads downstairs.

Cut to the den and The Flash and TaMAHra. Dawson wants to talk to The Flash. Then Dawson goes into the living room and tells Gale he needs to talk to her. Once both his parents have come into the kitchen, The Flash wants to know what up, and Gale says impatiently, "Yes, honey, we have guests, we're being rude." Oh, okay -- so you don't consider arguing about said guests in front of your son and his guest rude. You don't consider arguing about each other in full hearing of said guests rude. You don't consider refusing to explain yourselves to your son and sending your son to his room when he asks for an explanation rude. And yet when your son needs to talk to you about something he describes as "very important," that qualifies as rude? Excuse me while I open the world's largest can of alphabet soup and spell the word "WHATEVER" with noodle letters. Dawson asks them point blank if they are having an open marriage. Neither The Flash nor Gale answers, choosing instead to look away and sigh little sighs of chagrin.

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