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Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road

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Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road

Back in Capeside, Dawson and Joey loll around his newly retro room and yap. I don't really know what they're talking about, because I've developed this Pavlovian response wherein I black out whenever they start rehashing their relationship. Dawson says something about this being "the lost year of Dawson and Joey" and makes some noise about how they haven't talked, and she says that talking to him just became something she didn't do, "the shooting heroin or driving drunk." Jesus, Joey, dramatic much? And my God, don't you people ever just talk about, you know, baseball? Or American Idol? Or the freakish weather patterns in Capeside? Anyway, Joey is still talking, something about how, "for the longest time," Dawson was the only person she wanted to be with. And how he somehow just turned into her "only one-night stand." Dawson assures her that he never meant it to be like that, and she swears that she knows that, but says that it seems insane not to talk about these things, especially now that she's back in his old room, where they used to talk about everything. "Sometimes the hardest things to say are the things that really matter," she breathes, and then they start talking about the only thing Dawson really cares about, his screenplay, which is apparently all about them, like, again, and then I really black out because Dawson + Joey + Movie = Coma. I guess Dawson wants to know if he "got it right this time." Joey smiles, and have her teeth always been so…snaggly? Seriously, they're completely wonked up and I don't remember that always being the case. Anyway, Joey and her wonky front teeth tell Dawson that he finally grew up. Yeah, because renovating your bedroom to make it look exactly as it did in high school, and then writing an entire movie about high school, and then filming it for, like, the seventh time is totally growing up and moving on. "I always wanted to think that you were this hopeless dreamer and I was the adult, I was the one who escaped. But I didn't escape anything," Joey tells him. Dawson points out that she got out of Capeside, which was her plan all along. "I couldn't escape myself, could I?" Joey asks, wistfully. Okay, Billy Joel. Whatever. Seriously, I can not stand how seriously these two take each other. Katie Holmes, by the way, looks simply wretched in this scene. She must have done something awful to the hair and make-up people on this show, because, in addition to the hair, she's got awful bags under her eyes and, I kid you not, crow's feet. She's like twenty-five years old! What's the story there?

At any rate, Joey then tells Dawson she's finally figured out that it's hard for her to talk about sex, or about "getting close with someone." You just figured that out, Potter? How'd you get into Worthington, again? Joey looks thoughtful (maybe she's thinking about not getting that tooth caught on her bottom lip). "And maybe I'm not supposed to lose myself. Maybe it's not part of the plan," she continues. "But then, I never thought losing you was part of the plan." Dawson makes the clichéd observation that sometimes you have to lose someone to really know what he or she means to you. Snore. "I missed you, Jo," he tells her. She looks down at the bedspread and tells him that he got the script right this time. "I missed us," he adds. They hold hands and look vaguely moony. Oh, whatev. We can't get to the finale fast enough for me. Did you hear the promo? Apparently, someone dies! I can't wait! Do you think it's possible that they'll all die? Cross your fingers!

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