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Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road

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Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road

Over at Dawson's, the Head and the Hair tromp down the stairs and outside, where they find Pacey, who announces that he needs to talk to Dawson. Joey tries to escape, but Pacey tells her that she needs to hear this sooner or later. "Man, we were just getting back to being friends, too. Such a shame to ruin that," he reflects. Well, that's an optimistic way to start off. "Money. Money would ruin it," he continues, and then tells Dawson that, speaking of money, his is all gone. "Your money's gone, my money's gone, some guy on Long Island's money is gone," he says. Dawson merely raises his brows. "It's gone? That was all the money that I had," he responds mildly. Pacey then apologizes profusely and swears he never meant for any of this to happen. (And please refer to the recap in which I totally fucking called this. Thank you very much.) Anyway, Joey covers her eyes in horror, and Dawson merely mildly flares his nostrils. Man, Joshua Jackson is totally acting the hell out of this scene, while the Beek is obviously just phoning it in. It's honestly distracting how shallow and poorly nuanced his performance is, especially in comparison. Anyway, Pacey swears that he was just trying to do the right thing, but Dawson dismisses this out of hand. "You're always trying to do the right thing," he says. "You're always so eager to be the hero that you never see all the pieces of the puzzle," he says. Um, yeah. Because Dawson never casts himself as the hero. Pacey reminds the Head that this whole Please Invest My Money, Pacey thing was Dawson's idea from the get-go, so he really doesn't understand how that means he screwed Dawson over.

Joey, looking ever more horrified, suggests they go inside and talk this through calmly. Dawson snips that talking isn't going to solve the fact that he's broke, and Pacey snaps that they both know this isn't about money. Joey desperately yammers that she sees no reason to "drag up baggage from the past to fill in the moment," and begs the boys to keep this businesslike. "She's right. It is business between us, because God knows we haven't been best friends for a long time, have we?" Dawson asks, with the passion of a man ordering a hot dog. Pacey sadly agrees. "You want to know why we're not friends, Pace? It's not what happened with Joey, even though that turned my world upside down." Wait. What is this feeling, deep in my gut? It's mean. It's dark. It's thrilling…it's the hate! I hate Dawson again! I loathe him! I want to smack him! I'm so excited to be going into the finale with the hate again. Oh, sweet vicious hate, welcome home. Dawson self-righteously announces that they haven't been friends since the second that Pacey "made them competitors." Pacey, quite rightly, blinks furiously and accuses Dawson of "rewriting history." Dawson retorts that Pacey chose to turn his back on him. "And if you ever stopped turning your back on me, you might have realized that you and I are not that far apart." Yeah, except for the part where Dawson's parents indulged him to the point of letting him dictate their reproductive choices and Pacey's parents, like, practically psychologically abused and neglected him. "Spare me the speech, Dawson," Pacey says, theorizing that Dawson hates that Pacey "broke out of his little box." Dawson flails his arms around dramatically, yelping that all Pacey did was make some money. "How dare you! I was good at my job," Pacey squeals. "Then why am I broke?" Dawson asks petulantly. "Because, that's life!" Pacey yells. Joey just looks deeply pained. "I didn't make that choice. I have lost literally everything!" Pacey says. "What do you want from me, man? Does this make you happy, that you're back on top now? You always liked it better when you were in charge, so is this what you wanted? Does this make it all right?" he asks passionately. Those are some good questions. Dawson makes a mild face like he just missed a bus or something. "You don't want to know me, Pace. You wrote me off a long time ago," he sighs. Pacey shakes his head and wonders if he was just "out of the house" every time Dawson tried to call him over the past three years. Dawson sets his jaw and flares the nostrils. Joey tells them to cut it out. "I can't take this anymore," she whimpers. ["Oh, bullshit. You love it. You love the drama, you love being in the middle, you love the twisted attention, and if you really couldn't take it, you'd have left the two of them alone to talk in private like anyone else with half a manner. Shut up, Joey. And CUT THAT ASSY HAIR OFF." -- Sars] Pacey looks briefly at his feet, and then tells Dawson that he didn't mean to lose his money. "I didn't know that would happen. I'm sorry," he says. "Well, so am I. This was just a big mistake from the beginning, I guess," Dawson says, like the tiresome martyr that he is. Pacey just chuckles angrily and throws his arms up. "Okay," he just says, and walks off, leaving the two staring after him. Dawson stomps into the house. And poor Joey is stuck in the middle. Again. Her eyes fill with tears, and she shakes her head and looks totally disturbed. Nice job by Ms. Holmes. Great job by Mr. Jackson. CRAP job by El Van Der Beeko.

After the ads, Joey goes down to the dock and takes a seat next to Pacey, asking if he's okay. "You don't have to do this," he says, "sit out here with me. I know you'd rather be in the house with Dawson, so why don't you just go and help him lick his wounds." Joey rolls her eyes. "Things never change here, do they?" she asks, exasperated. "No, Pace. These are the roles we chose to play," she says, answering herself. She metaphors that they've become "ghosts of [their] former selves," who are still mad, but they don't know what they're mad about anymore. "I'm not so sure about that," Pacey tells her. "Pacey, if I wanted to go back in that house, I would have gone a long time ago," Joey tells him. "Don't you know me at all by now?" Pacey gruffs that he doesn't want her to feel sorry for him. Joey exhales roughly. "I don't feel sorry for you. I feel for you, Pacey. God, can't you ever tell the difference?" she asks. Pacey just looks at her and sighs that he doesn't know. "You and I have had a very confusing run of things, especially lately," he says. Joey shakes her head and tells him she's beginning to realize that, no matter how much she's loved him, he's only going to remember the moments when she leaves. Pacey stares at her for a long moment, and then almost laughs and reminds her that "those are pretty much the most painful moments of [his] life." Joey shakes her head. "That's because you ask for them, Pacey," she says. Wow, that's a little harsh. He certainly didn't ask for it at the prom two weeks ago. ["For once, I'm with Two-Tone on this one. He refuses to be talked out of hating himself, and that shit gets old." -- Sars] Joey then explains that Pacey spends so much time expecting the worst that he doesn't notice all the time people spend loving him. "And Pacey, people spend a lot of time loving you," she spits. "With all due respect, Jo, my best friend just walked away from me," Pacey retorts, then corrects himself to point out that he and Dawson haven't been friends in years. "How does that make me a man with a support network?" he wonders. "Well, you have a person sitting right here, don't you? Of course, that's not enough. Not until you let it," Joey tells him. Which is a pretty good point, actually. Dawson certainly hasn't been Pacey's best friend in a long time. But Joey kind of has been. I don't know if either one of them realizes that. Pacey asks Joey to explain how, exactly, he "has her." She sighs. "Look, just because I don't fit in that place you want me to, it doesn't mean there's not a place for me, Pacey," she says passionately. "Does it?" Pacey looks out at the water. "Joey, this isn't your fight, anyway," he finally says. Joey agrees. "It's been over for

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