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Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road

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Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road
a really long time, Pacey, and it is up to you make it right," she says. Pacey admits that he doesn't know how to do that. "Well, you're going to have to figure it out," she says, telling him that ghosts can't be vanquished until they're at peace with what they've done. Or something. That metaphor was a bit of a stretch, really. Anyway, Joey rests her head on his shoulder, and Pacey crosses his leg over hers and leans into her embrace. A little tough love from little Joey Potter, there. Interesting choice.

Boston. Jack and Jen sit on the soda and reminisce. "We're family," Jen finally tells him. "It doesn't change." On cue, Grams enters the room and sits between them. Jack embraces her, and she tells him not to feel sorry for her. "Just believe in me. That's what I need." Jack nods, and swears that he'll visit her in New York. "That won't be necessary," Grams announces. "I mean, you don't honestly believe that Jennifah and I would leave you to your own questionable devices?" she asks. And blah blah blah, Jack agrees to transfer to NYU and live with them. And that plotline is finished until the series finale, I suspect.

Okay, no one cares about Audrey, but let's wrap her up, here. She goes to some Ovary-Friendly coffee bar and sings an Ovary-Approved song, as we montage though Grams baking cookies for Helen and her breasts, Pacey looking thoughtful on the dock, Dawson pouting in his room, and Joey sitting on a deck chair and crying. Another happy ending for the Creekers! Who would have thunk it?

A hell of a lot down. Two to go. Thank God.

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