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Travis confronts Oil Derrick for betraying him. Oil Derrick points out that Travis screwed him over by putting the picture in his sock drawer, but Travis points out that Derrick told him to do that in order to make the police think he's the killer. Then Travis pulls the gun on him and forces him inside. Jones finally arrives on scene and tries to warn Oil Derrick about Travis's gun. Too late. Jones tries to get Travis to give her the gun, but he won't. Oil Derrick will get away with all his nastiness if Travis doesn't stop him. Jones says they don't have to be a part of it and blah blah blah. Travis turns away for a second, and Oil Derrick attacks him. They struggle and, of course, the gun goes off. They stop fighting to see that Jones has been shot. She opens her coat, and there's an artful little red smudge on her stomach. Oil Derrick freaks and tells Travis to call 911. Jones loses consciousness and seemingly dies. Travis suggests running outside to get the cops. Oil Derrick stops him because they need to get their stories straight. Oil Derrick tells them to say the truth this time, that it was an accident. Travis says he should say that Oil Derrick killed Jones. Oil Derrick promises to confess to his other crimes, as long as Travis doesn't tell the police that he killed Jones. Travis says he's going to let the cops in, and Oil Derrick suddenly starts shrieking out his confession, that he raped Naomi. Suddenly, a television monitor behind him plays his confession back, and the washing machine starts back up on the soundtrack. Then Jones comes magically back to life, stands up, and says, "Will wonders never cease. Derrick Webb tells the truth." Okay. I have to recap what happens before I go on my rant because…grr. It's just so bad. It's the worst…okay…let's continue. Detective Curtis and a cop come in from a bedroom. Professor Bogosian enters from the hallway, and Beau and totally non-dead Naomi from somewhere else on the second floor of the loft. And there's Sheila for some inexplicable reason. Beau says he's glad the plan worked as he escorts Naomi out. Naomi looks over her shoulder and asks Oil Derrick, "Who's the victim now?" I am. I'm the fucking victim. My head is about to explode. Detective Curtis is actually Naomi's dad's driver. I rewound back, and he totally wasn't Naomi's driver way back at the club, which would have been clever and therefore is not in this movie. The other cops were fake. All of this was just to get a confession out of Derrick.

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